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As soon as Overwatch released this new workshop feature that allows amazing content from users themselves, I was excited to make my very own freezetag gamemode! I decided to download the PTR on my PC, because I could not wait any longer(I am a PS4 player)

Now here I am, releasing Freezetag.


  • BEGINNING - As soon as more than 2 Mercy’s and one Mei spawn in the game, a round begins.
  • OBJECTIVE - Mei’s have 5 minutes to attempt to freeze all Mercy’s by punching them. If all Mercy’s are frozen in place, the round will end and the game will restart. Mercy’s that simply come close in contact can unfreeze eachother(1 must be unfrozen!)
  • TIMER RUNS OUT - When the timer run’s out, if atleast one Mercy is still unfrozen, the runners will win. If the number of Mercy's is even, the game can result in a draw.
  • JUMP PADS - A huge jumppad spawns at the first objective(of ANY regular map!) to add interesting gameplay!
  • PREVENT INFINITE FLY - If Mercy’s remain in the air for more than 7 seconds, her guardian angel ability will be temporarily disabled until she touches the ground to prevent a flying loop where Mei’s cannot reach.
  • ANTICAMP - Mei’s when within 4 meter range of a frozen Mercy will take damage until they leave the zone.
  • MERCY SPAWN CAMP - Mercy’s CANNOT remain in spawn after 20 seconds of a round beginning; any Mercy’s that enter spawn or remain in spawn after that period of time will be frozen instantly and be accounted for. The Mercy will have to wait for the round to conclude.
  • PLAYERS JOINING LATE - If a Mercy joins late, look above at rule/feature #7!
  • PLAYERS LEAVING - The game automatically adjusts to the number of players in your match, preventing unfair games/breaking!
  • REVEALING MERCY - At 1:00 in the game, all Mercy’s will be exposed to all of the Mei’s!
  • HAVE FUN - This gamemode is scary yet extremely fun! Enjoy this new feature we have gained.]

Credit: KatyaZamo#11639

Categories: Team Deathmatch, Minigames
Tags: tag freeze
Heroes: Mei, Mercy
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 0.3

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