Video Player (No video loaded - Demo videos codes in description)

This code is over 6 months old. The code may have expired and might no longer function.

It's a video player

to curb your expectations, its monochrome, pixels can only be white or black, and the "best" format it can do is 72 x 41 pixels at 5 fps :/
code for playing video - requires you to preprocess the video into specific format and paste,

modify the wait time in rule "GO TOTAL" based on framerate of the video - 0.1 for 10 fps max about 54 pixels wide, 0.2 for 5 fps about 72 pixels wide max, 0.4 for 2.5 fps about 100 pixels wide max (all 16x9)

maximums are based on load, not custom string limits. custom string limits included, maximum resolution is about 128 wide 128 tall

no code for processing video included to prevent widespread misuse of this code
but there are some test videos codes included V V V V

Test Videos

Here are some test video codes. I gave them a readability score which basically means how well anyone can recognize whats going on in the video.

(press f/interact to start the video, some codes might use outdated video players, but will run anyways)

high res - 99 wide, 16x9, 2.5 fps
med res - 72 wide, 16x9, 5 fps
low res - 54 wide, 16x9, 10 fps

5/5 - fully readable: you can tell what's happening
4/5 - readable
3/5 - somewhat readable somewhat unreadable
2/5 - nigh unintelligible
1/5 - okay seriously what even is this

Video Codes, readability ratings and lengths

  • funne fartnut danseing man
    KD81P - mid res (36 frames ~ 7.2 s) 5/5 readability

  • gamecube intro
    89FN5 - mid res (37 frames ~ 7.4 s) 5/5

  • rick roll
    G3K3N - mid res (200 frames ~ 40 s) 4/5

  • 7 page muda
    J2FYW - high res (154 frames ~ 1 min 1.6 s) 3/5
    68GWD - mid res (307 frames ~ 1 min 1.4 s) 3/5

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