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Hello. Welcome to over-reconstructed. This gamemode was built by FmX#11374

This is a new abilities game, like Over-worked and Over-reworked. These gamemodes inspired me to create this game. So thanks to the creators of those games, LemonAid#11644 and KaBLUey#11520.

DO NOTE that this game is not actually released yet. Therefore, all that is on this page is my ideas for characters. Thank you.


Mei is an Frozen friend hero.

Name Button Action Cooldown Replaces
Thick thaw Passive You freeze enemies quicker, but they don't stay frozen for long None None
Helpful Primary fire Your endothermic blaster heals allies when firing at them None None
Frozen field Ability 1 While using cryo freeze, you have an area that heals allies that are inside it 12 seconds None
Slow step Interact Place an area that slows enemies inside it 11 seconds None
Ice bombs Ultimate Make a bunch of explosions around you that freeze enemies in them Blizzard

Damage heroes

Junkrat is a Big bomb hero.

Name Button Action Cooldown Replaces
Sucker Passive Dealing damage brings enemies closer to you None None
Machine bombs Secondary fire Shoot many explodine mines at low damage but high knockback None None
Pentaboom Ability 1 Place five bombs at your feet, quickly exploding dealing mass damage 2 seconds Concussion mine
Extravaganza Interact Make five explosions in front of you at low damage 10 seconds None


Sigma is a Floating flank hero.

Name Button Action Cooldown Replaces
Fly like a dutch Space The longer you hold jump, the higher you go. None None
Hole Ability 1 Create a small black hole in your hand that sucks players inside of it, eating them until they die 16 seconds Kinetic grasp
Low density Ability 2 Make a cloud around you that lifts enemies into the air dealing little damage 8 seconds Accretion mass
Excuse me? Ultimate Instead of slamming players down, they get sent flying in different directions Gravitic flux
Players | 1 - 12
Heroes: Sigma, Doomfist, Genji, Junkrat, Cassidy, and 4 more...
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Last updated:
Current version: 0.0

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