A Dark Matter has spawned out of nowhere. Lucky for Lifeweaver - he is attractive and can influence the Dark Matter to switch to his side and defend him as well as his team.

However in a world full of Lifeweavers, the Dark Matter is nowhere close to being a man's bestfriend - as he could not stay loyal due to the pulling force that every Lifeweaver has on him. Bring him to your side and eliminate all the other Lifeweaver impostors!


  • In the beginning, the Dark Matter can kill Lifeweavers on both teams until he gets Life Gripped by one of the players. When he does get pulled, he will switch to the team of whoever pulled him only dealing damage to the opposing team.

  • Pulling the Dark Matter that is already being pulled by the ENEMY (or "Vulnerable") will NOT stop his momentum but will make him switch teams during the effect, resulting to an interesting last-minute Dark Matter team-switching or "Switcheroo".

  • In contrary, pulling the Dark Matter when he is Vulnerable and is ON ALLIED TEAM will change his trajectory towards the new puller and will refresh the Vulnerable duration.

  • Lifeweavers can also be pulled by the opposing players. When they are pulled, they get caged. Caged players can pull other players as well as the Dark Matter BUT cannot be pulled by their own teammates during this state.

  • Petal Platform can only be used when on the ground.

  • Stepping on any Petal Platform will disable and root Lifeweaver but will refresh Life Grip. However during this state, he cannot be pulled by the opposing players. The platform only lasts for a short duration and can be cancelled early (only by the owner of the platform).
  • Getting pulled by a teammate off the Petal Platform will cleanse the status effect of being disabled and rooted but will still refresh Life Grip's cooldown.


There are 10 EVENTS in the game mode including Classic Mode! This will randomly rotate every 1 minute after the first round of Classic Mode.

CLASSIC Original rules and plain vanilla.
SWITCH GRIP Life Gripping an enemy Lifeweaver will switch your position with them after 1.5 seconds. If your ally grips the same target, the timer will reset and they will be the one getting switched with the target when the timer ends instead of you. The target you pulled (whether your ally stole your target or not) will get credited to your death if you mispositioned yourself.
UNLIMITED TREES Instantly obtain your Ultimate. Get another Ultimate when you use your Ultimate!
GO SPEED! Move significantly faster during this state and reduce Life Grip's cooldown twice as fast.
LOW GRAVITY Lifeweavers have low gravity while the Dark Matter basically has none!
AVOID THE STALKER Dark Matter will periodically follow a random player until they get eliminated or he decides to pick another target. He can still be Life Gripped (pulled and converted) but will continue following his target afterwards.
LEGALLY BLIND Players turn invisible for a short duration every few seconds. They can still pull each other during this state however. Players also take 25% more damage during the event.
FOREST FIRE Players will burn slowly if the Dark Matter is not on their team.
PUSH THE BUTTON Life Grip now pushes enemies instead.
HOW CHARMING Dark Matter charms nearby players every few seconds. Standing on a Petal Platform makes the player immune to the charm.
SPECIAL: SUNBURN (NOW SHELVED) Play as Illari in a neutral battlefield. Dark Matter is teleported to the center and cannot be converted. This event lasts for 3 minutes instead.
    • This game mode has different rules:
      • Fully charged critical shots stun the enemy briefly. Revenge shots stun twice as long.
      • Healing enemies (from any source) will push them to Dark Matter.
      • You cannot be damaged unless you're within Dark Matter's radius.
      • You cannot die unless another player lands the final blow on you.
      • Outburst heals for a short amount.


  • The main puller who gets an opponent eliminated (whether through direct pull or Dark Matter pull) will be granted 25% Ultimate Charge. This effect can stack (eg. the player pulls Dark Matter, refreshes Life Grip then pulls an enemy to death).

  • Eliminations from players WITHOUT killstreaks now recover 100 HP over 5 seconds. This effect can stack.


  • Players who get at least 3 final blows without dying will earn 100 recoverable overhealth! This effect will only expire upon getting eliminated.

Note: Players cannot start a killstreak while they are dead. (eg. getting an elimination postmortem).


  • Upon getting eliminated, the player can take revenge on their killer once by Life Gripping them - damaging the said killer in either two (2) following ways:
    • If the killer does not have a killstreak, they will take 50 damage.
    • If the killer has a killstreak, they will take 100 damage.


Players | 1 - 10
Heroes: Lifeweaver
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 3.0.0

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