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Welcome to the world of elemental magic, where you can fight your enemies using powerful spells! Get shards by killing enemies and buy new elementals in shop by holding F (Interact Key)!

List Of Elementals and Short Description

Fire Elemental - DPS elemental, good at fighting against 1-2 enemies

Water Elemental - Support elemental, good at fighting alongside teammates

Earth Elemental - Tank elemental, good at taking attention of enemy team

Ash Elemental - DPS/Support elemental, good at escaping in tough fights

Lava Elemental - DPS elemental, good at fighting against groups of enemies

Frost Elemental - Support/DPS elemental, good at fighting focusing at 1 enemy

Wind Elemental - Control elemental, good at escaping and being annoying :P

Stone Elemental - Control Tank elemental, good at starting team fights

Plant Elemental - Support/Tank elemental, good at staying in a safe position and helping teammates with healing abilities

Smoke Elemental - Speed elemental, good at assassinating enemies one after another

Ember Elemental - DPS/Support elemental, good at fighting alongside teammates

Ice Elemental - Support/Tank elemental, good at starting fights and helping teammates

Air Elemental - Control elemental, good at helping teammates in a tough battle

Rock Elemental - Tank/Control elemental, good at fighting groups of enemies

Nature Elemental - Support/DPS/Tank elemental, can be played differently

List Of Abilities

Fireball - Launch a fireball that deals damage and burns enemies on impact

Ring Of Fire - Ignite ground around you dealing damage to enemies nearby (Deals more damage to burning enemies)

Flush - Activate Echo focusing beam that knockbacks enemies on hit

Waveform - Become invulnerable and rush forward stunning and damaging enemies on hit

Earth Thorns - Create earth thorns in the direction you're looking in damaging enemies on collision

Boulder Roll - After a small preparation, you start moving forward, stunning and damaging opponents on hit

Ashblast - Launch a projectile that goes through walls and damages enemies on hit

Translocate - Teleport to the position of ashblast (if it is fired) dealing damage to nearby enemies

Passive: Smokey - Receive 40% less damage while either stunned or frozen

Lavaflow - Activate Echo focusing beam that burns enemies on hit

Hotfloor - Create an area which burns enemies standing inside it

Self-Ignite - Sacrifice some health for resistance to stuns and D.O.T.'s (Damage Over Time)

Frostbite - Freeze the enemy you're looking at

Ice Slide - Slide in the air for a few seconds not letting you fall and damaging enemies on hit

Cold Hands - If activated, every kill will be accompanied with freeze explosion, dealing additional damage and freezing enemies nearby

Windblow - Stun and push enemies in front of you in the direction in which you're looking

Airjump - Perform a high jump while in the air

Windrun - Get speed boosted and immune to any enemies Primary Fire

Accretion - Sigma Accretion :P

Stoneslam - Fly in the air and then slam to the ground, stunning and damaging nearby enemies

Strengthen - Add additional 90 armor to teammates nearby

Ivy Field - Create an area that damages enemies and heals teammates inside

Plant - Launch a seed that creates a plant on impact that attacks enemies and can be killed


270 HP
45 DPS
22.5 HPS (Vampirism)
13m Range
Lasts for 40 seconds or until gets killed

Regeneration - Start regenerating missing health. If you get hit while regenerating, its rate will be dropped to 20%

Smokebomb - Create an area where you are fully invisible

Smokestep - Become invulnerable, gain speed and jump height, but not being able to shoot

Dissolve - If activated, have 33% chance to dodge any enemy attack

Ultimate: Smoked Vision - Blind the whole enemy team for 4,5 seconds

Emberstrike - Launch a projectile that ignites enemies on collision, then launch another projectile that teleports you on collision with the first one, burning enemies around

Firezone - Create an area that deals serious damage to enemies inside it after a few seconds

Passive: Flaming Armor - Receive 15% less damage from burning enemies

Ultimate: Ember Armor - Add 500 armor to yourself and nearby teammates for 10 seconds

Icycle - Launch an icycle that deals 100 damage to enemy on impact

Cryostasis - Become Mei and use cryostasis

Ice Aura - If activated, starts periodically freezing opponents around you (Total of 4 freezes)

Ultimate: Ice Clones - Create 2 identical clones that copy your actions and even can use abilities!

Wormhole - Create a wormhole that sucks enemies and teammates in (Be careful!)

Flight - Gradually rise in the air

Airforce - If activated, every damage you deal will inflict knockback to the enemy

Ultimate: Tornado - Create a Tornado that sucks enemy players in and stuns them

Avalanche - Create an area which periodically stuns and damages enemy players (Total of 4 times)

Toss - Throw nearby player to the direction in which you're looking (Teammates will receive 50% damage reduction while being thrown)

Passive: Rockskin - Always have 80 additional armor

Ultimate: Meteorite - Create an area which explodes after 2 seconds, dealing giant amount of damage and stunning enemies inside it

Nature Grab - Root an enemy you're looking at and deal some damage to them

Tree - Launch a seed that creates a tree on impact that damages enemies, heals teammates and can be killed


450-675 HP
20-36 DPS/HPS
8-10m Range
Lasts for 10-18 seconds or until gets killed

Leaf Layer - Get some additional health, and after some time get healed by amount of it left

Passive Ultimate: Grow - Abilities get upgraded with every kill you get (Up to 10 Kills)


Nature Grab: Lasts for 1-1.7s
Leaf Layer: 70-100 Additional HP


Players | 1 - 8
Categories: Team Deathmatch
Tags: tdm custom fun
Heroes: Sigma, Genji, Soldier: 76
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 2.1

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