Friendly Gamemode

Friendly Gamemode v.0.39

This code has been made in for Friendly lobby. Feel free to use our tool for make your game more Fun.

  • You will make you faster, smaller, bigger or make frozen, fly around and make some fun with your Friends
  • All heroes
  • All maps compatible
  • I Made some updates every day or week

Created by ElCasT#2157
Feel free to join our Friendly Community
Discord: https://discord.gg/CnvfbNPjF4


  • v0.26 - Some bug fixes with Camera and Ranks

  • v0.27 - Some bug fixes of Ranks and Fixed bug with 3rd Camera on Echo

  • v0.28 - Some bug fixes and Fixed bug with Freeze menu after change Hero

  • v0.29 - Some bug fixes

  • v0.30 - Some bug fixes, some new features for optimize code.

  • v0.31 - Big update | New function | FreeCamera, you will now make a movies or photos with your friends

  • v0.32 - Some bug fixes

  • v0.33 - Big update | New function | Hero Selector Change on Page4

  • v0.34 - Crash fix. (Server Stack in Loop)

  • v0.35 - Improvements on Hero Selector.

  • v0.36 - Auto Safemode after Joined.

  • v0.37 - Some bug fixes

  • v0.38 - Some bug fixes

  • v0.39 - Some bug fixes new feature to force player hero (WIP)

Working on 1v1 Duel mode!

Categories: Free for all
Heroes: All
Created At:
Updated At:
Version: 0.39

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