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This is the classic gun game with a lot of settings and mechanics to choose from in order to keep the game interesting.

Game modes that can be enabled:
Please Note! - Some of these modes don't work very well when enabling them alongside others (for example: Chaos Mode->ON and Power-Ups->ON)

Chaos mode

This mode shouldn't need a description. Ultimates charge instantly, abilities have no cooldown, health, damage, jump and speed are increased in order to bring ultimate chaos on the field. Everything is customizable though.

David & Goliath mode (beta)

This mode brings two legendary figures into play: David & Goliath. The current leader becomes the mighty Goliath and grows in size. With this new threat, the game picks out randomly a player to become David - a tiny but powerful warrior that can easily deal with Goliath and trim his advantage on the scoreboard.
While this mode is in beta, I'm keeping all settings customizable through workshop settings until I figure out the best setup.

Power-ups (beta)

Enable this mode to spawn random buffs around the map. Pick one up to have an advantage over other players but watch that timer, some buffs aren't permanent and they expire when you die.
Available power-ups:

  • Temporary Health Boost
  • Temporary Damage Boost
  • Charge ultimate
  • One shot (use it wisely)
  • Temporary Invisibility
  • Temporarily Slow Time (timer for this one depletes 2x)
  • Super punch

Gun Progression mode

Choosing the 'Gun Progression' heroes list in the settings will enable this mode; The list has only dps heroes wielding a firearm (pistol, shotgun, rifle etc) and abilities / ultimates are disabled (except for Widowmaker's grappling hook). A good old fashioned gun fight.

Workshop settings available:
Heroes list

  • Randomize heroes list each game
  • Active heroes list (All / Chaos Mode List / Gun Progression / Only damage heroes / Only tank heroes / Only support heroes)

Score / Progression

  • Number of kills required to advance to next hero
  • Retain ultimate charge when transitioning
  • Self kill / Fall penalty (-1 kill)
  • Melee kill sets victim back 1 hero

Leader Mechanics

  • Leader gap
  • Leader visible through walls (also applies to David & Goliath if mode is enabled)

David & Goliath mode

  • Enable mode
  • David can set back Goliath one hero
  • David selection method (Random / Last player on scoreboard)
  • David timer (if random)
  • David size modifier
  • David health pool modifier
  • David damage modifier
  • David can only damage Goliath
  • Goliath size modifier
  • Goliath health pool modifier
  • Goliath damage modifier
  • Goliath can only damage David

Chaos Mode

  • Enable Chaos Mode
  • No ability cooldown
  • Ultimate charges instantly
  • Auto activate ultimate when charged
  • Damage modifier
  • Health pool modifier
  • Speed modifier
  • Jump modifier
  • Disable hero HUD


  • Enable power-ups
  • Max number of power-up spawns
  • Power-ups spawn interval
  • Power-ups timer

Dev mode - for testing purposes only

  • Add dummy bots
  • Number of dummy bots
  • Modify bot score with CTRL+FIRE
  • Teleport bots to player position with CTRL+F
  • Remove bot with R+FIRE
  • Bots fire weapons
  • Bots move towards host player
  • Dev mode HUD

Feedback is appreciated.

Heroes: D.va, Orisa, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Sigma, and 27 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.8.2

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