Duels gamemode (1v1 fights). Mercy acts as the trainer and resurrects the fighters for the next duel, thus adding a decision making component.


  • If no Mercy is chosen, a player is selected randomly to be the trainer.
  • If Mercy fails to select a fighter for the next duel in a certain time limit, the next fighter is chosen randomly.
  • Fighters leaving the zone take damage.
  • Jump pads and super jump pads can be used to reach high ground on some maps.
  • If no one dies after a certain time limit, sudden death begins, where the size of the zone is decreased steadily.
  • After each round, the winner receives a heal. The heal is halved after each subsequent win. Default first win health gain: 50%.
  • If all fighters are dead, the team loses.
  • All heroes (besides Mercy) are playable as fighters. D.Va requires the "start without mech" option - she can call it during the fight again.
  • In case of a draw (both fighters die at the same time, no other fighters left), the Mercy players fight each other.
  • All current elimination maps work.


  • The gamemode is not my idea and has existed for a while in a variety of versions, especially before Workshop. I just added some features to it.
  • There is a version "2" out there (with disabled Pharah) which is fake and a pre 1.3 version. Please do not use it. Look for initials "CF" to find versions made by me.
  • Check out our Discord https://discord.gg/EEMjjFB for discussions and/or suggestions.


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