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Roller Coaster Editor

This description is still somewhat under construction, if something isn't quite clear please let me know

This mode allows you to create tracks to use in my roller coaster game mode. A small amount of workshop experience is required to import and export tracks.

Creating paths

To create a path, load this mode and start it on the desired map. A path is built as a closed loop of 'anchors' that control the shape of the path. An anchor can be created using secondary fire. (The controls are also shown in-game)
Each anchor consists of two points, an 'end point', which is a point the path goes through (it defines the end of a curve and the start of the next), and an intermediate point, which controls the direction and shape of the track when it goes through the end point.
In general, the intermediate point should extend about one third the distance to the next. A point can be moved around by picking it up using primary fire. You can place it down again by pressing primary fire again. Pressing interact while holding a point will delete the anchor. The section of the track that can be influenced by moving the selected point is also shown.
When a new anchor is created, it is inserted right after the last edited anchor (highlighted with a good aura). To set an anchor as the last edited anchor without picking it up, press interact while aiming at it.
Due to the effect limit, it is currently not possible to create a track with more than 12 anchors. (Each anchor uses 10 effects to the final track).
The mode also includes a built-in flight mode similar to Echo's flight ability to edit in high places, it can be activated using ability 1.

Exporting & importing paths

A path can be exported using the workshop inspector. Simply open up the workshop inspector, set the variable target to 'global', and press the button that says 'copy to clipboard current variables for current variable target as workshop actions'. Open up a text document and paste the copied actions to temporarily save them.

To import a path, first load the roller coaster mode. Open the workshop, and copy one of the [Setup map] rules (you can use the existing one if there is already one for the desired map). Delete the actions on the right, and change the map to the desired map in the condition on the left (some setup map rules also check for a seasonal variant, copy whichever rule best suits your needs). Then simply paste the actions you got from the workshop inspector. Only the ControlPoints variable is used for this mode, the actions that set other variables can be deleted.
To equally space the carts on the track, an estimate of the time to travel a single round around the track is used. By default, this value is set to 30 seconds. When the track is significantly longer or shorter than this value, there may be a large gap between two carts or two carts may be too close together. If this is the case, add an extra action to the rule which sets the LapTime variable to a better estimate of the time it takes to complete a lap. (The time it takes to complete a lap in reverse should be pretty close to the normal counterpart)

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