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Who Is It? --- The ultimate Overwatch quiz gamemode, featuring over 430 questions about ALL the heroes in Overwatch! A fact about a random hero will pop up in the center of the map, and to guess, you simply point and click on the hero you think is right. Have fun! Created by Zomg

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Current version | 1.3.0


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Just a couple of suggestions:
-Add a short delay (maybe like 3 seconds) at the start of each round where a player can not guess themself. I found a lot of players will spam secondary fire which ruins the game as no one has a chance to guess and the round ends immediately
-Either decrease the time you are frozen or remove it entirely. It was very jarring as a player being stunned and frozen every two seconds with how fast rounds end
-Disable player movement. There's no need for it and if your going to keep it at least increase (slightly) the space you have to roam
-If you can try to keep the rounds flowing. There's a lot of downtime for what is very little game time
-I don't know the numbers for this but it feels like the distribution is off. Take Symmetra for example I was always getting like what felt was 1 question where it asked her name while for other heros there felt like there was more variety. I think you did this because of line/code limit but honestly I think it would better off removing some heros to give room for more variety for other heros
-Ability name questions = bad || lore + voice lines and game interactions = good

But overall cool game mode and I had a good time playing it :)

Update Log (9)



  • Added back the score system
  • You can no longer move in your circle
  • Added 1 (one) new question
  • There's now a small visual effect when a new question appears
  • Reduced the winning score to 7
  • A player that's close to winning will now burn
  • The game will now automatically reset

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where game would softlock (maybe, i think) (report all bugs to me)


  • Changed the base gamemode from Deathmatch to Skirmish
  • You can no longer guess if the question hasn't shown up yet

Known Issues

  • Since the gamemode is now Skirmish, the scoring system no longer works. Oops! Maybe tomorrow.


  • There is now a 2 second delay between the heroes changing and the question being revealed
  • When a player joins mid-round, they will be killed and will respawn in the next round
  • The game will no longer become softlocked when the player with the correct hero leaves
  • Added credit for me!
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