Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.

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Some people say the game got stale

Improvise. Adapt. Overcome

Hear me out, It's a gamemode where, the RNG generator will decide what happnes in the game!

It could be a handicap to all players or it could be of assistance, On whose side will lady luck be?

Now let's get into the Technical Side of things.

At the start of every round, When the point unlocks, one of these gamemodes/ modifications will be selected and it will persist for 60 seconds, afterwards you're given a 15 second breather and the dice is rolled again, so on and so forth, till the end of the match, this can be played on any ruleset (competitive or casual)

The Current List of Gamemodes in no particular order:

  1. Low gravity mode
  2. Disabling E ability
  3. Granting 1 free ult
  4. Disabling Shift ability
  5. Increased movement speed (250%)
  6. Rein brawl (No Firestrike charge and melee)
  7. Random hero switch (Switches everyone to a random hero for 60 seconds)
  8. Full Res (old Mercy ult for both teams)
  9. Wild West mode (Mccree and Ashe picked randomly for each player
  10. No right click (Secondary Fire Disabled)
  11. All healing disabled (including packs)
  12. Sniper mode (Ana, hanzo , widow)
  13. Switched to all DPS heroes (Everyone is a DPS)
  14. Switched to all Tank heroes (Everyone is a Tank)
  15. Switched to all support heroes (Everyone is a Support)
  16. Slow motion mode (game slowed down to 50% speed)
  17. No ults (no charging ults either)
  18. Crouched mode ( Abilities available)

In order to win you and your team must use teamwork and you have to:

Hope you have fun and win!

Categories: Minigames
Heroes: All
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Version: 1.0



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