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Hide and Seek Reborn

Based on CaptCaptain's Hide and Seek, and remade by Scourge.

The Basics

A classic game mode, made in the Overwatch Workshop.
Once the timer begins the Hiders will have 90 seconds to find a hiding spot.
After the timer expires, the Seekers will have approximately 2-6 minutes to find the Hiders.
(Most abilities are disabled during the hunt, for Hiders anyway.)

Goal for the Hiders is to out live the timer, and the Seekers' goal is to eliminate all Hiders before the timer runs out.

Included Mechanics

  • Phasing into hollow surfaces.
  • Map dependent timers, scaling with Hider hero compositions.
    • Larger maps have a Seeker radar!
  • Custom Hider challenges. (Only toggleable in the Spawn Room)
    • Hold F (Interact): Toggles Glitchless
    • Hold F (Interact with Glitchless): Toggles Running
  • Hero specific additions and custom mechanics.
  • ... and much more!

Optional Settings

  • The host can now disallow all glitches, switch the glitch mode from legacy to new glitches.
  • The host can disable automatic voicelines, outlines, nameplates, radar, and much more!
  • The host can set the mode to a 9v3, and not worry about scripts breaking, however currently 10v2 or 11v1 is not supported.

Niche Features

  • Hold Q (Ultimate): Toggles 3rd Person Camera
  • Press F: Toggles Movement Speed
  • Press F (during the Hunt as a Hider): Freeze in Position
  • Hold F (as Seeker): Suicide
  • Hold Crouch + F (as Hider): Teleport to Spawn
  • Hold Crouch + F (as Seeker): Surrender the Round
  • HOST ONLY - Hold F & Q: Toggles Radar On or Off

My Other Modes

Defend the Point! - A full custom PvE gamemode!

Horde, an Infinite PvE Mode! - A custom PvE invasion gamemode!

Hide & Seek FFA Edition! - This gamemode if it was made into a FFA version.

Heroes: D.va, Orisa, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Sigma, and 27 more...
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Current version: 3.1.0 Reborn

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