Hide and Seek Reborn


This code is over 6 months old.

This means the code may have expired and might no longer function.

Hide and Seek Reborn

Based on CaptCaptain's Hide and Seek, and remade by Scourge.

The Basics

A classic game mode, made in the Overwatch Workshop.
Once the timer begins the Hiders will have 90 seconds to find a hiding spot.
After the timer expires, the Seekers will have approximately 2-6 minutes to find the Hiders.
(Most abilities are disabled during the hunt, for Hiders anyway.)

Goal for the Hiders is to out live the timer, and the Seekers' goal is to eliminate all Hiders before the timer runs out.

Included Mechanics

  • Phasing into hollow surfaces.
  • Map dependent timers, scaling with Hider hero compositions.
    • Larger maps have a Seeker radar!
  • Custom Hider challenges. (Only toggleable in the Spawn Room)
    • Hold F (Interact): Toggles Glitchless
    • Hold F (Interact with Glitchless): Toggles Running
  • Hero specific additions and custom mechanics.
  • ... and much more!

Optional Settings

  • The host can now disallow all glitches, switch the glitch mode from legacy to new glitches.
  • The host can disable automatic voicelines, outlines, nameplates, radar, and much more!
  • The host can set the mode to a 9v3, and not worry about scripts breaking, however currently 10v2 or 11v1 is not supported.

Niche Features

  • Hold Q (Ultimate): Toggles 3rd Person Camera
  • Press F: Toggles Movement Speed
  • Press F (during the Hunt as a Hider): Freeze in Position
  • Hold F (as Seeker): Suicide
  • Hold Crouch + F (as Hider): Teleport to Spawn
  • Hold Crouch + F (as Seeker): Surrender the Round
  • HOST ONLY - Hold F & Q: Toggles Radar On or Off

My Other Modes

Defend the Point! - A full custom PvE gamemode!

Horde, an Infinite PvE Mode! - A custom PvE invasion gamemode!

Hide & Seek FFA Edition! - This gamemode if it was made into a FFA version.


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Update Log (3)

This code is over 6 months old. This might mean the code has expired and will no longer function.

3.1.0 Reborn

This is a semi-major update bringing in new ways to play, and MANY new options for the host to enable/disable or change/tweak.

  • Updated all glitching mechanics.
  • Added a brand new way to glitch, which has a SIGNIFICANTLY lower barrier to entry.
  • Added many new customizable features; removal of outlines, nametags, and more.
  • Spawn Rooms will no longer instantly kill hiders, but will instead move to another location upon entry.
  • Added a new customizable features that can outright remove any glitching from hiders.
    • When glitches are completely disabled, you'll see the HUD updated to reflect this mode.
    • When glitches are completely disabled, you'll notice certain maps have different timers to contribute based on their playable size.
  • All hiders have had their health reduced by 100x, and set to a base of 100 shields + 2-6 base health. This should remove issues found with infinitely living Reinhardts in 3.0.
  • Added support for the default 8v4, but up to 9v3 is supported. 10v2 or 11v1 is NOT of the moment.
This code is over 6 months old. This might mean the code has expired and will no longer function.

3.0.1 Reborn

  • Fixed a bug causing Flight toggled as a Hider Zenyatta persisting even after hero swap.
  • Fixed a bug causing Flight to persist during the Seeking stage if you had previously enabled it as Zenyatta.
This code is over 6 months old. This might mean the code has expired and will no longer function.

3.0.0 Reborn

  • Rewrote most features in this update, and updated all behind the scenes features to an easier framework for future development.
  • A few broad updates and passes to certain characters and features, but mainly code optimizations.
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