Always wondered how genji parkour works?
This tutorial workshop will teach you almost everything you need to know.
Learn all the basics with cutscenes and bot examples.
Every cutscene will go into details about how to execute a specific technique.
Test what you learned in levels tailored for those techniques.


  • ingame cutscenes and explenation for 20 techniques + 1 introduction
  • bots demonstration the explained techniques first person after the cutscenes
  • checkpoints to test what you learned
  • menu with checklist for wich techs you have completed already
  • slowmotion commmand to make it easier to learn
  • automatic translation for chinese clients (or a manual workshop setting)
Players | 1 - 1
Categories: Parkour
Heroes: Genji
Maps: Hanamura
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.1

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