2D Overwatch

A fun and addictive game mode that allows you to play Overwatch in 2D!
Enjoy 6v6 team deathmatch in a whole different dimension, which has been popular among fans for several years.

Game code: HA7M4. Game code version: v.3.3 (make sure to use the correct game code to receive the latest updates).

Currently there is a clone version active with game code "ZDVDZ" by БРУКБУДИН, which became very popular due to Blizzard's algorithm. Be aware that this version is being abused as it contains codes with hidden cheats for the host player. I advise you to play 2D Overwatch from the correct game code: HA7M4.

How to Play and Other Game Rules:

  • Press left [A] or right [D] to let the hero move "forward" or change direction on the 2D battlefield.
  • Most objects from ultimates or abilities will be placed right in front of the player. This includes [Amplification Matrix], [Immortality Field], [Petal Platform], [Tree of Life], [Ice Wall], [Void Barrier], [Sentry Turret], and [Photon Barrier].
  • Reinhardt's [Charge] cooldown persists after suicide.
  • Sigma will auto-target enemies during [Gravitic Flux].
  • Wrecking Ball jumps slightly higher and has lower gravity so he can use [Piledriver] or spread his mines with [Minefield].
  • Sombra is completely untouchable during [Stealth].
  • Mercy, Pharah, and Echo can shoot downwards while flying.
  • Baptiste and Sojourn can shoot downwards while using [Exo Boots] or [Power Slide] jump.
  • If you get stuck (e.g. on the boulders), you can press [Interact] (F) to kill yourself.

(The author of the original Asian version is unknown. Translated and enhanced by TrueNeutral. Continued rework and improvements by Dutchli.)

Update - 19 May 2023:

  • Fixed a bug where a player kill didn't always register correctly at the left boulder due to an implemented anti-stuck mechanism.
  • Improved the auto-balance system. In rare cases, players could be moved into a spectator slot instead of the opposide team. This should now be fixed.

Update - 7 May 2023:

  • Minor improvements to scripts to reduce server load.
  • Minor adjustments to HUD text (also added: damage dealt/taken).
  • Minor bug fixes.

Update - 6 May 2023:

  • Instead of automatically shutting down the server, the match will now restart just before the 270-minute mark (4.5 hours).
  • Match completion has been enabled (showing the winning team and POTG).
  • Collision with players during movement has been (temporarily) disabled for testing purposes. (Please note that this may improve the overall smoothness of the game and give players better control over their characters. In some cases, collision was causing players to face the wrong way. We will evaluate the results of this test before deciding whether to re-enable movement collision or to keep it disabled. Feel free to leave feedback in the comments.)

Update - April 2023:

  • New heroes added: Ramattra, Lifeweaver.
  • Multiple bugs and glitches removed for improved gameplay.
  • New feature introduced: auto team balancing.
  • Modified code to address server crashes.
  • Getting stuck on boulders should now be less likely.
  • Rework on several heroes for improved gameplay.

Update - October 2022:

  • New heroes added: Kiriko, Sojourn, Junker Queen.

Update - September 2021:

  • New game code introduced.
Players | 1 - 12
Categories: Team Deathmatch
Heroes: All
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 3.3

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