2D Overwatch

A fun and addictive game mode that allows you to play Overwatch in 2D!
Enjoy 6v6 team deathmatch in a whole different dimension, which has been popular among fans for several years.

Game code: HA7M4, version: v.3.13 (make sure to use the correct game code to receive the latest updates).

How to Play and Other Game Rules:

  • Press left key [A] or right key [D] to move the hero 'forward' or change direction on the 2D battlefield.
  • Most objects from ultimates or abilities will be placed directly in front of the player. This includes [Amplification Matrix], [Immortality Field], [Petal Platform], [Tree of Life], [Ice Wall], [Void Barrier], [Sentry Turret], and [Photon Barrier].
  • Reinhardt's [Charge] cooldown persists after suicide.
  • Sigma will auto-target enemies during [Gravitic Flux].
  • Wrecking Ball jumps slightly higher and has lower gravity, allowing him to use [Piledriver] or spread his mines with [Minefield].
  • Wrecking Ball can use [Grappling Claw] to jump back over the edge and save himself.
  • Mercy can heal all nearby players by using the [Resurrect] ability.
  • Widowmaker can use [Grappling Hook] to jump back over the edge and save herself. She can also use it on the ground to pull herself forward.
  • Widowmaker's [Infra-Sight] gives her aim assist by temporarily targeting the nearest enemy. She can use it against flying enemies.
  • Lúcio can ride walls vertically with his [Wall Ride] ability to get back over the platform edge.
  • Doomfist can teleport to a platform edge with [Meteor Strike] while being off the platform.
  • Mercy, Pharah, Echo and Illari can shoot downwards while flying.
  • Baptiste and Sojourn can shoot downwards while jumping with [Exo Boots] or [Power Slide].

The author of the original Asian version is unknown.
Translated and enhanced by TrueNeutral (prior version 1.0). Continued rework and improvements by Dutchli.
Many thanks to Shizmoo for the contribution in identifying bugs and providing valuable suggestions for improvements.


Update - 5 December 2023:

  • New hero added: Mauga.

Update - 10 October 2023:

  • Disabled Sombra's custom ability to become phased out during stealth due to her recent rework.

Update - 12 August 2023:

  • Fixed a bug where Reinhardt could use his charge ability too soon after a charge suicide.
  • Addressed an issue where certain script actions were executed twice unnecessarily after most respawns.

Update - 10 August 2023:

  • New hero added: Illari.
  • Fixed a bug where Echo couldn't move after duplicating.

Update - 7 July 2023:

  • The match time has been reduced to 1 hour instead of 4.5 hours, and a forced server restart has been implemented.

Note: the reason for this change is that an application crash may occur after 2-3 hours. I have conducted extensive testing on different computers and also attempted to revert to previous versions, but the root cause of the application crashes remains unknown. I believe this issue is related to the latest patch released by Blizzard on June 28th, either as a bug in the retail game or a server-side problem. I will continue to investigate, and hopefully, the issue will be resolved in a future patch.

Update - 2 July 2023:

  • Echo can now use all modified/custom hero abilities meant for 2D Overwatch during her ultimate. This is a custom ultimate that imitates her original ultimate. Players might experience some slight differences.
  • While off the map, Doomfist can now teleport back to an edge by using his ultimate.

Update - 28 June 2023:

  • Added a feature that automatically resets the facing direction if a player doesn't look 'left' or 'right'.
  • Roadhog can no longer turn around while using his chain hook ability.
  • Reinhardt's charge ability no longer allows him to make a curve.
  • Fixed a bug where Ramattra's shield did not always work.
  • Fixed a bug where Lifeweaver didn't reset his facing after cancelling his ultimate before the tree has been placed.
  • Players with high latency should now be able to place Lifeweaver's petal platform at the correct location.
  • Widowmaker should no longer be able to unintentionally reach unintended areas of the map after using grappling hook.
  • Potential fix for Mei's ice wall not always working (I was unable to reproduce the bug, so it's not yet known if the bug has really been fixed).
  • Potential fix for Mercy's custom heal ability that could ignore cooldowns (I was unable to reproduce the bug, so it's not yet known if the bug has really been fixed).
  • Multiple script improvements to reduce server load significantly.

Update - 25 June 2023:

  • Lúcio's Wall Ride has become more functional.
  • Mei's Ice Wall ability has been improved to prevent it from being placed at the wrong location.
  • The character movement has been modified and should cause less glitches. Hopefully this will also improve the gameplay for players with high latency.

Note: The new character movement is still in test. If it appears that this causes new issues (e.g. server crashes or unforeseen glitches) then the old character movement could be reverted.

Update - 22 June 2023:

  • Wrecking Ball's grappling claw has become more functional.
  • Widowmaker's grappling hook has become more functional.
  • Widowmaker's ultimate gives aim assist by targeting the nearest enemy player (flying enemies are not safe).
  • Minor adjustments in the code to reduce server load.
  • Ability cooldowns slightly increased to reduce server load.

Update - 18 June 2023:

  • Lifeweaver will place his platform closer to his location.
  • Sigma can now use primary fire during his ultimate.
  • Mercy can now use her Resurrect ability to heal all friendly players within a 10 meter radius.
  • Fixed a bug where Junkrat didn't always face the correct direction during his ultimate. The direction of the tire and camera movement should also be fixed.
  • Fixed a bug where Sombra didn't get the 3 second spawn immunity.
  • Fixed a bug where players didn't always face to the correct direction after joining a game or switching teams.
  • Fixed a bug where players didn't get teleported to the correct location after switching teams.
  • The day version of the workshop island map has been added to the game mode.
  • Movement collision with other players will remain disabled as it shows a positive contribution to the smoothness of the game and character control. It also showed a significant reduction in server load.

Update - 19 May 2023:

  • Fixed a bug where a player kill didn't always register correctly at the left boulder due to an implemented anti-stuck mechanism.
  • Improved the auto-balance system. In rare cases, players could be moved into a spectator slot instead of the opposide team. This should now be fixed.

Update - 7 May 2023:

  • Minor improvements to scripts to reduce server load.
  • Minor adjustments to HUD text (also added: damage dealt/taken).
  • Minor bug fixes.

Update - 6 May 2023:

  • Instead of automatically shutting down the server, the match will now restart just before the 270-minute mark (4.5 hours).
  • Match completion has been enabled (showing the winning team and POTG).
  • Collision with players during movement has been (temporarily) disabled for testing purposes. (Please note that this may improve the overall smoothness of the game and give players better control over their characters. In some cases, collision was causing players to face the wrong way. We will evaluate the results of this test before deciding whether to re-enable movement collision or to keep it disabled. Feel free to leave feedback in the comments.)

Update - April 2023:

  • New heroes added: Ramattra, Lifeweaver.
  • Multiple bugs and glitches removed for improved gameplay.
  • New feature introduced: auto team balancing.
  • Modified code to address server crashes.
  • Getting stuck on boulders should now be less likely.
  • Rework on several heroes for improved gameplay.

Update - October 2022:

  • New heroes added: Kiriko, Sojourn, Junker Queen.

Update - September 2021:

  • New game code introduced.
Players | 1 - 12
Categories: Team Deathmatch
Heroes: D.va, Doomfist, Junker Queen, Orisa, Ramattra, and 32 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 3.13

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