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Play Attack on Titan in Overwatch.

Imagine you are a member of Survey Corps, you are equipped with a jetpack, a 3d maneuver suit, and a sharp blade. Flying around with jetpack, dash with blade to deal damage, and charge up dash power in mid-air(rotation to increase power in anime). Those moves all consume gas, which could be refill at the gas stations(red circle) on the map. Dash consumes blade. Hold E in the air to charge up your blade. The stronger you've charged up your blade, the more blade hp will be used. Blade could be repaired at the blade stations on the map(green circle). Different power level will have different effect, for example, a red or purple dash will stun titan and grant immediate cooldown for dash. Using ult will heal you to full health and during ult every dash is a orange dash.

Titan's shots are very deadly, use your mobility to stay safe. By the way, there is fall damage so make sure not to dash straight to the ground or fall from the somewhere high up in the air. You may tap your jetpack before landing to avoid fall damage.

Mutiple options could be easily changed in the workshop setting. Like Titan's HP and Kill need to win the game. Notice that currently only monkey and mccree is set up for choose as titan. Also, changing the hero type of titan require some change in the rules. There is a bug when new player join some of them may not be able to use grapple, I haven't found a way to solve that yet, restart the game will solve it though.

Categories: Boss Mode
Heroes: Winston, Genji, Cassidy
Maps: Eichenwalde
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 0.2.0



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