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choose one of the 4 elements and play with costum bending abilities for each element

How to play:

* select you element:

browse between elements by pressing primary fire or secondary fire (usually the mouse buttons).
select your element by pressing F.
you can always change elements in spawn by holding melee.

* use abilities

press reload (R) to open your element ability list.
each element has its own unique abilities.
to use an ability you have to enter a code by pressing a combination of buttons.
you can see your buttons inputs at the bottom of the ability list.

for example:
the code for the ability air punch is 121.
to use this ability youll have to press (by deault):
1 - primary fire
2 - secondary fire
1 - primary fire
the ability will be used if you entered the code correctly (and if its not on cooldown).

default button inputs:

1 - primary fire | left mouse button

2 - secondary fire | right mouse button

3 - ability 1 | shift

4 - ability 2 | e

additional buttons:
ultimate [Q] - toggle 3rd preson camera
interact [F] - delete your currect entered code
melee - change elements in spawn

not all abilities are avaliable yet.
the game might crash after some time.
other than that i fixed most of the bugs.


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Hey, I know this game took a lot of work, but do you think there would be an easier version? Like no numbers, just abilities? I think less people in my lobby would be confused

ronbi creator

the first version i made was without the numbers but i could only fit 4 abilities for each element. i will make most of the codes shorter (3 digits) and maybe ill make another version


Hey, I tried this but wasnt able to swap with melee in spawn.

ronbi creator

you need to hold it for 2 seconds


Hey i had an idea exactly like this one,but with naruto abilites,can i copy your rules and change them?

ronbi creator




Update Log (6)

fixed bugs
more bugs fixed
added ice geyser
added option in workshop settings to disable some effects ( currently only disables sound effects )
added sound effects to water and ice geyser abilities.
added hud texts that show players cooldowns.
changes team sizes to 4v4

everything fixed

  • game no longer crashes every minute.
  • all elements are disabled beside air.
  • players cannot see the right cooldowns.
  • air is fixed
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