Sparc - 1v1 Advanced Dodgeball


Sparc is a recreation of the not at all popular VR game by the same name.

The goal is simple; Hit your opponent with a ball.
The rules are not so simple;

Rules and how to play

  • You can choose between 2 heroes, Genji or Lucio. While both player can pick different heroes, I recommend both playing the same.
  • To start the game both player need to crouch at the same time in the designated area.
  • Each player cannot leave their playarea once the game has started.
  • Each player has their own ball corresponding to their color. Either blue or orange.
  • You can hit your opponent with either ball to score a point.
  • You deflect the ball towards your opponent using [Secondary Fire].
  • You can catch your ball using [Primary Fire]. You cannot catch an opponents ball.
  • When caught you can throw the ball using [Primary Fire].
  • When holding your ball you can press [Interact] to hold up a shield.
  • The shield is lost when you get hit and can only be recharged by hitting your opponents wall, or your opponent themselves.
  • When hitting the opponents wall with your ball the ball will return to you.
  • When hitting your own wall with your ball the ball will respawn.
  • When hitting the target behind your opponent the speed of your ball will increase.
  • This speed is reset when you hit your opponent.
  • First to 5 wins, or highest score when the time has run out wins.

I was not able to test this gamemode with anyone other than myself. Please inform me of any bugs you find.

Code Snippet

Categories | 1vs1, Minigames
Heroes | Genji, Lúcio
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Current version | 1.0


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