🏳 RPG && Quests! Save system, 2 languages supported!

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RPG && Quests! | Поддерживается Русский язык!

Many of you played World Of PvP, which was initially created by RinQ. This gamemode was great, but it's already too old, and probably won't ever update. And this is why I present you mine recreation of RinQ's mode: RPG && QUESTS!
There is a huge amount of changes compared to RinQ's mode. For example, there is a save/load system, more quests, fishing minigame and more!

In this mode you will:

  • Walk freely inside an Safe zone.
  • Upgrade your own stats using a Stats altar and slowly becoming most dangerous player.
  • Take quests using Quest altar, and complete them.
  • Store money inside a bank, while receiving passive income.
  • Mine gold in Golden mine.
  • Load all your info (stats, ultimate charge, other) after leaving the match.
  • Become wanted for killing players without an quest.
  • Go fishing, catch fish, and then sell them for a profit.
  • Use Blood crystal to exchange your blood for money.
  • Upgrade all stats using Ancient altar.
  • And more.....

How to change language? | Как сменить язык?

EN: Currently, there is English and Русский (Russian) language supported. To change mode language, do this:

  1. Open 'Custom Game settings' menu;
  2. Press orange 'Workshop settings' button;
  3. Change 'Gamemode language' setting.

RUS: В данный момент поддерживается Русский и Английский языки. Для смены языка, сделай следущее:

  1. Открой настройки 'Своей игры';
  2. Нажми на оранжевую кнопку 'Настройки Мастерской';
  3. Измени настройку 'Gamemode language'.

Currently available quests:

Quest name: Sub-quests: Quest description
Kill specific player Kill player in any way; kill using Ability 1; using AB2; using ultimate; with a finishing melee; Mid-air; while crouching; without any movement; environmental kill. In this quest you should kill player, which nickname and hero icon quest altar has given to you. Killing your target do not makes you 'wanted'.
Kill 3-7 players Nothing Kill specified amount of players in any way. During this quest you can become wanted, but its duration lowers from 60 seconds up to 5.
Deal n damage Nothing During this quest, you should deal specified amount of damage to players. Self-damage does not work in this case. You can accidentally kill a player, and become wanted for this.
Survive for n seconds Do not take any damage; Hide from players' sight; Survive being 'wanted' To complete this quest you should survive for n seconds.
Ancient altar Nothing During this quest you should activte ancient altar, which costs $130.
Golden mine Nothing Mine n gold from Golden mine.
Find an object Nothing In this quest you should find an special object (which is a small red sphere) hidden somewhere.
Blood crystal Nothing Fill blood crystal with your own blood.
Health packs Nothing During this quest, you should pick-up n healthpacks. You can pick them any time, because your health can only be up to 99%.
Fishing Catch n fish; Catch n rare fish During this quest you should go fishing, and catch n fish.

Stats which you can upgrade:

Stat name Price Percent Limit
Max health $20 5% 800%
Heal $15 2% 800%
Damage $15 2% 800%
Projectile speed $25 3% 500%
Money income $55 5% 500%
Run speed $35 1% 400%
Jump power $15 5% 300%
Min. ultimate charge $40 5% 60%
Cooldowns reload speed $30 2% 55%
Weapon reload speed $40 5% 70%


What the hell is a 'WANTED' status?

'WANTED' status is a some sort of punishment for killing a innocent players. For example: during quest "Kill Player A" you should kill Player A, not Player B or someone else. In this case, you would become 'wanted' for 60 seconds.
While 'WANTED', everyone will try to kill you: Your death will be rewarded, killer would recieve $10, and you will go into jail.

How I should earn money?

You can recieve money for killing 'wanted' players, for completing quests, for using blood crystal, golden mine, for fishing... Possibilities are almost endless!

Easiest way to earn money?

Currently, the most easiest way to earn money is deposit into bank. Every 60 seconds your money in the bank will be multiplied by 8%.

How I can get into 'jail'?

If someone kills you during 'wanted' status, you would get another punishment: imprisonment, so you should not misbehave.

How saves works?

Your game state are saved every 1-12 seconds, depending on players count. But for that you should play at least for 3 minutes.
After rejoining, you can select 'Load' option to load game session. No codes needed!
But, there is a catch: Every save deletes after custom game is reloaded, and there is nothing that I cound about it.

How to check my stats?

Hold your crouch (Default CTRL) button and look at your left corner.

How long does match live before restarting?

Gamemode restarts every 1h30min. You can disable this behaviour in 'Workshop settings' menu, in other case, gamemode will restart every 4h30min, but i won't recommend you doing that.

Ideas to implement:

Idea name Description
Tutorial I plan adding a tutorial, but for now, read FAQ.
Saves menu I should create menu for saves.
'You have a save game!' warning If players presses 'Start the game' with a savegame, mode should warn about it.
'Magic' fish This type of fish should give temp boosts, for example, ultimate boost.
Anti-afk system
PvP/PvE zone Inside this zone, players can duel other players (or bots) for money.
Events system ...
Add more maps ...
'Automatic' language detection ...

Known bugs:

Bug description
In weird scenarious, players can fish while being out of a fishing station.
Percentages is shown a little bit weird inside of a stats menu.
Players can start fishing while already fishing. (?)
Sound of a object can stay even after quest is completed/resetted (?)
Not going to be fixed, workshop limit: Sometimes bank/stats menu have missing texts.
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Heroes: D.va, Orisa, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Sigma, and 27 more...
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Current version: 1.3



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