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This code is over 6 months old.

This means the code may have expired and might no longer function.

I want to make this mode like a little MMORPG world in Overwatch.

Mode content:

  • safe city with a lot of custom shops and places , like:
    -----> stats shop
    -----> damage effects shop
    -----> custom quests taking place
    -----> bank
    -----> custom ability shop
    -----> healing fountain

  • custom quests system
    -----> This in an important part of the mode. Completing quests you will receive rewards. There are many types of quests.

  • PK ( Player killer ) status system. After killing a player you will het PK status for a time. If you die in this status - you lose some gold. If you stay alive and status ends - you get reward. Killing players with PK status will not give you PK status but will reward you.

  • custom ability and damage effects. Buying these bonuses in shop gameplay will be more various for you ! For example you can buy 'smoke field' ability and with crouch you will become invisible in fog around you ( like a ninja ) or you can add your attacks freeze effect and others bonuses in shop.

  • bank and economy system . Gold needs for buying upgrades, skills and anything in shop. But when you die you lose some gold. You can save your money in bank and like bonus, you have +10% of your gold in bank every 60 seconds ! Looks tasty right? Also in shop you can upgrade your "gold income stat " and increase all gold rewards for quests, PK rewards, bank % .

  • Events, which you can find around the map like gold mine or blood crystal.

  • Gold mine . In the middle of the wastelands ( territory out of the city ) you can find a gold mine. Every player can earn gold when staying in the gold mine, but more players in - lower gold income.

Don`t start a match. Just start a game and play it with infinity time as much as you want.

Mode is full stable ( after a few tests ) and check this post to get latest version. In some days i will add more maps, custom abilities, quests and fixes.
I hope to find this mode servers in Workshop with you Hero.


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there was this version with crystal of mercy instead of blood crystal. which is that?


Where is version 2.5?


This would be absolutely amazing if you could iron out the bugs.
The main problems are:

  • People will suddenly not be able to interact with anything in the town
  • The whole lobby crashes far too quickly

Are you still working on this mode?


I am wondering can you save the player stats and restart the game,
So the server may not crash every 45 mins?

Just asking, I'm not sure about the possibility.


Is there a discord?

reimon245 creator

No yet


How do you use Magic Nova on console?

reimon245 creator

do not know) But it`s combination is Interract button + primary attack


Forgot To Mention,Can You Also Add More Maps?,Thanks!

Like I Said Before,Your Not Forced,Just Do It If Wanted To.

reimon245 creator

Now there are 3 maps, more added in some days. After every server crash ( server crashes when sever max live time is reached ) you need to restart game as host to play on a new random map


Honestly I Love It,Please Keep Updating This Game,I Dont Want To See Such A Good Game Turning into Dust,So Please Keep Adding More Content!,And I Well Also List Some Ideas That You Can Try Making:
1-Maybe Add A Double Jump.
2-Why Not Add Passives Upgrades/Abilities.
3-I Was Thinking About SomeSort of Deployble ''Drone'' That Can Be Placed And Detects Enemy's In A Certain Raduis,For a Certain Time.
Main Game/Waste Land:
1-How About SomeSort Of ''Jungle Temple'' Or Somthing Like That,That You Can Adventure In For SomeSort Of Power-Up Which Can Be Activated By Pressing A Certain Button,Or Maybe You Can Just Buy It For Gold.
2-I Kinda Just Want More Events,Thats Kinda All Im Sayin In This One.
3-Maybe Add A Way To Stop Gold Mine Camping,And Im Talking About Really Overpowerd People Killing Anyone Who Comes Close To Them,Maybe?,Idk.
4-Why Not Add Bosses,That Can Be Killed For Some Kind Of Reward,You Can Also Get A Quest That Needs You To Defeat That Boss.
Random Character Updgrade:
1-Why Not Add Somthing That You Can Buy That Allows You To Have a Higher Chance At Getting That Specific Character After Buying The Upgrade.
Main Upgrades(Heal,Health,Etc..):
1-Can You Please Increase How Much Movement speed Percantge Gives?,Im Not A Fan of That 1%.

And Thats it,Ofcourse Your Not Forced To Do this,But Still i Would be Glad If you Tried Making Any Of These,I Hope I see This Game At The Top Someday.

reimon245 creator

Hello! Perfect ideas, but workshop severs are too weak now and it doesnt give an ability to add many custom thing of map. I read everything and iill think how to add this.

Move speed bonus +1% is for balance. Its unreal to kill a man with move speed 150% or more. You can edit it in code for your fun if you want. Im trying to make it balanced as it can be)


Great gamemode! Makes for some really interesting gameplay where you kind of don't want to kill people but at the same time you do! :P

One change i'd suggest is make the "random hero" cost cheaper because otherwise people tend to rejoin the match to reroll their hero.

Keep it up! I look forward to see what you add in the future

reimon245 creator

In 2.0 i made hero buy cost 25 gold) Good luck and thank you for your opinion!

Update Log (9)

This code is over 6 months old. This might mean the code has expired and will no longer function.

Reworked some rules. improved game stability, but yet sever crash after 45+ minutes of the game
Fixed jail bug when players could go out earlier

This code is over 6 months old. This might mean the code has expired and will no longer function.

Added Jail for Player killers. If you kill 2 or more players and die in PK status you will go to a jail for a time.

This code is over 6 months old. This might mean the code has expired and will no longer function.


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