Score Shop (chill / kill)

A Chill / Kill Mode with a Currency

  • Your Score is money in this mode. Kill players, collect Orbs, or just hang out to earn it
  • Spend Score at the shop to upgrade your hero and mix up your gameplay experience

Supports a variety of features

  • Adjustable shop prices
  • Adjustable score values
  • Adjustable shop location / size
  • Playable in either FFA Deathmatch or Skirmish modes
  • Swap heroes anytime, anywhere
  • Gift Score to other players
  • Third person camera
  • Chill Mode

Build your hero however you want

  • Damage upgrades for more DPS
  • Speed upgrades for faster heroes
  • Health upgrades for tankiness
  • Cooldown reduction for ability spam
  • And much more!

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