OW but I changed the heros (read description pls)

I have changed the heros (for team 1) and before I say the changes I did I will say, this is my first REAL-ish project so it could be bad and also there may be bugs but i might not now how to fix them. and there is no 2CP.

ok on to the characters:


D.va: is now a dps, that now has her mech as her ultimate, that is similar to TitanFall, her shift is a sprint, and E changes her gun to a big damage single shot.

Orisa: Is sort of a sniper, less hp, no fortify, her shield is now also a temporary jump pad that you and your teammates can use.

Rein: he has more shield health, and his ultimate makes a spinning shield along with the stun.

Hog: more fat, more ammo, less damage

Sigma: is now a flight hero like echo or phara, his rock launches him upwards, and his shield removed with less damage.

Monke: his attack is now melee, and he roars which stuns nearby enemies.

Ball: always rolling, with lower cooldown on hook, and slam, that deal more damage.

Zarya: is now a support character that has a very low cooldown bubble


Ashe: her shotgun is now her primary and her dynamite is now realistic.

Bastion: does more damage in recon form, heals less with his self heal, and takes more damage in sentry form.

Mcree or uhh I mean Cassidy: 2 shot hand cannon, higher cooldown on flash

Doom: more ammo and floaty-er

Echo: now is a lot weaker and needs to build her ultimate to be good.

Genji: now melee, alt fire is a defensive stance

Hanzo: removed Pepelaugh

Junk: launch power in his mines improved, and his bombs are heavier.

Mei: is now a tank, more ammo but less damage, and harder to freeze.

Phara: now soldier from tf2 and has a self heal.

Reaper: has realistic shotguns.

Soldier: has a rocket launcher, speedier, better heal.

Sombre: now a debuffing support

Symm: now alt fire is stationary mines and her drones and little shields I guess, and a dash when she either go's through her teleporter, or just presses interact..

Torb: when he uses ultimate he summons another torb as another turret.

Tracer: Winston f***** up with her blinks and it activates automatically.

Widow: unchanged because idk what to do with her.


Ana: now also more of a sniper, can only shoot while scoped, and cool downs increase.

Bap: now Goomba stomps people and knocks them down, and can only do super jumps.

Brig: mode cooldown on bash and no Inspire, and lower cooldown on her E.

Lucio: faster on speed and more healing, has a slight cooldown on his switch his Amp is replaced with a AOE burst heal.

Mercy: more damage with her gun, and her ult resets the cooldown on her rez.

Moira: her orbs don't move and she doesn't have her heal arm, and less cooldown on orbs.

Zen: more health, more healing more ammo.

and this works with AI well but it doesn't matter.

Players | 1 - 12
Categories: Hero Adjustments
Heroes: D.va, Orisa, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Sigma, and 27 more...
Maps: Circuit Royal, Dorado, Havana, Junkertown, Rialto, and 34 more...
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Current version: 1

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