Quick 1vs1 DPS only/customizable


A quick 1vs1 that respawn you instantly after someone died. You can also fully customize the hero list and the score to win.

All Heroes version: https://workshop.codes/quick1vs1
One Hero version: https://workshop.codes/quick1vs1one


New instructions for 3.0:

How to customize the score to win

  1. Change the score to win in Team-Deathmatch game mode settings
  2. Go to the Workshop settings
  3. Change the Score to Win
  4. Restart the custom game

How to customize the heros that will be played

  1. Go to the Hero Roster settings
  2. Enable/disable the Heroes that you want to play
  3. Restart the custom game

How to hide the damage stats HUD

  1. Go to the Workshop settings
  2. Enable/disable "show Damage HUD"
  3. Restart the custom game

Supported Maps
Castillo, Necropolis, Ecopoint (+Winter), Black Forest (+Winter), Workshop Island (+Night), Workshop Chamber, Workshop Expanse (+Night)

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Update Log

  • Completely reworked settings
  • Heroes can now be enable/disable in the Hero Roster settings
  • Added support for the new Workshop Settings feature
    • hide/show damage stats
    • Score to Win (only visual, still need to be also changed in the Team-Deathmatch settings)
  • Updated the instructions in the description
  • Optimizations
  • Added a system that prevents players from gaining an advantage at the start if they happen to be the same Hero as the first Hero to be played before the start (for example, they can shoot first because the Hero has already been loaded) (wow, this is really hard to explain and this example happens very rarely, but when it happens there is no more an unfair advantage)
  • Added Tracer (a oversight, didn’t added her to the list before that)
  • fixed spelling errors
  • bug fixes
  • The bug where the HUD "First Hero" did not disappear after the countdown is now fixed
  • Optimizations
  • Fixed a bug where the HUD "First Hero" did not disappear after the countdown (Edit: Bug still exist, working on it)
  • Added support for the map “Necropolis”
  • Improved the countdown
    • Added a HUD that shows the 1st hero
    • The players will be now be teleported while the countdown
  • Added an option to hide the damage stats HUD
  • Added support for the Map “Workshop Expanse Night”
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