Roadhog Trainer v1.0

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Roadhog Trainer v1.0 by Vtar#1000

Climb your way up the competitive ladder using this simple, all-in-one, and user-friendly Roadhog trainer that provides you with a variety of options, from one-shot combos on heroes with higher health pools and evasion abilities, to mastering hook timing on heroes with abilities that provide invulnerability.

Hero Pool

The following heroes are currently in the gamemode (including descriptions).

  • Ana : Given Ana's small hitbox, one-shots are harder to land. If the player misses a one-shot, they are punished with an abbreviated Sleep Dart.
  • Lucio : Lucio's small hitbox combined with his erratic head movement when stunned is a nightmare for Roadhog players. If the player misses a one-shot, they are punished with a diminshed Soundwave.
  • Reinhardt : This mode is a little more reaction-based. The player is faced against a Reinhardt holding a shield, and the Reinhardt will randomly Firestrike. The player must hook the Reinhardt when this occurs. The player is not punished for missing a hook.
  • Reaper : Reaper's higher health pool makes it a lot harder for the player to successfully one-shot him. The player is not punished for missing a hook, however the Reaper will use Wraith Form.

Support for more heroes is coming soon.

Categories: Practice Mode
Heroes: Roadhog
Maps: King's Row
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Version: 1.0

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