Inspiration → Yandex, AlaskaWolf, and matrix292

Advocates (Idea givers) → Momo, Labbed

Playtesters → matrix292, Shukxc, KarChameleon, BiTsX

Mode Maker → YourRookiePlayer (YRP)



Each hero has random new custom abilities that can be ulitized in many different ways. Your main objective is to be the last one alive and you can reach that objective by via killing players, teaming up, or finding the highest spot and prevent people from getting in your spot. Teaming up & targeting is allowed but toxicitiy isn't. If anyone is toxic, let me know via my discord server with evidence.


Game Settings

Events Enabled → Default: ON

Restart Match (ON) | Return To Lobby (OFF) → Default: (ON)

Random Heroes → Default: ON

Only 1 Sigma → Default: OFF

Symmetra's Beam Type

  • Drag Beam (Default)
  • Push Beam
  • Hold Beam (Highly don't recommend, very broken)

Reroll Hero → Default: OFF

Duration Before Respawning's Disabled → Range: 40 - 80 | Default: 60



My Discord Server

Players | 1 - 12
Categories: Survival
Heroes: All
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 4

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