Super Tracer World 2 (PvE - collect 50 stars) v1.4.1

Super Tracer World 2 (v1.4.1) (by Delwion#2667)

The sequel to the moderately popular 3D jump & run puzzle mode! Collect 50 stars, this time, and learn 10 all new moves from Rattles, the giant mole! (Optimized for single-player, but can also be played in coop by up to 4 players.)

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1. Setup

Team 2 - 1-4 Human players: The game mode is optimized for single-player, but it’s possible to play it in a group (though there's only one Rattles to throw for the entire team). Stars collected and moves learned are shared among all players.

2. How to Play

Collect a total of 50 stars (yellow orbs) to beat the game. Stars spawn three at a time and can usually be found relatively close together and are not too far from the current respawn location either. Press Crouch near a blue molehill to learn a new move from Rattles, the giant mole!

If you're stuck, you can use Need healing to reveal the location of a missing star or a molehill with a move you haven't learned yet!

3. Moves

  1. Lofty Leap: Press Jump in the air to jump again!
  2. Mole Mortar: Press Ability 1 and Rattles will take care of the soldier guards!
  3. Chain Champion: Press Ability 2 and Rattles will throw you a chain.
  4. Dome Disabler: Place Rattles on a white switch to disable a white dome.
  5. Portal Provider: A portal will open when Rattles stands on a blue switch.
  6. Typhoon Traveler: Let the winds lift you skyward.
  7. Silent Strider: Turn invisible for a short time, after pressing Interact.
  8. Rogue Revealer: Press Interact within Sombra's Realm and try to find her.
  9. Mighty Muscle: Training helps. You can throw Rattles farther now.
  10. Prodigious Protector: Press Ultimate and Rattles will summon a shield that makes you invulnerable.


Walkthrough (Spoiler alert): https://youtu.be/GF2AFy66ZZw
Secrets (Spoiler alert): https://youtu.be/qe_AaCLxOGs

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Players | 1 - 4
Categories: PvE
Heroes: Tracer
Maps: Ilios
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.4.1

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