Welcome To Reimagined Overwatch 2!

This Game Is Now More Offensive Than Defensive Cause Currently OW2 Feels Like A Defending Game But This Gamemode Is Basically Overwatch But Yassified.


this version is outdated, a new and better version.
(btw this is my very first workshop gamemode i made so thats why the c ode here is so weird)

Some Major Changes!

Passive Changes

Remove The Tank Knockback Passive
Completly Removed The Self Heal For All Exception Being Bastion

Passive Reworks

Healing Received Has Been Increase By 25%
Global, Healing In Air Is Reduced Into Half
Has His Parting GIft Passive Back, But Wont Heal Enemy

Map Reworks

Added back assault and basically combined all the other maps into one in overwatch 1 and two

Hero Reworks

Increased Sleep Cooldown By 25 Seconds
Have Widow One-Shot, Coach Gun Replace By A Shotgun
Vertical Exo Boost
You Have Stun Back
Overwatch 1 Assault, Heal Very Slowly Overtime
You Have Rising Uppercut And Reset Slam Each Elimination
Damage Dealt Increase, One Shot During Ultimate
Resets Ammo Each Elimination And Have Temporary Health If Dealing Damage
You Have Ashe Bomb
Suzu Cooldown Increased But Longer Invisibility
Have Parting GIft Back
AMP It Up Is Now A DMG Boost Ability
Removed Armour Completly, Mauga Ult Increased Damge But Low Shield Overrun Increased Speed
Have 150 Ammo Back, Have 200 Health, Wall Replaced By Instant Snow Instantly Freeze People Within A Radius
You Slowly Decay Fading Will Heal You
Removed Fortify HP, Damage Dealt Increase If Fortifying, Spinning Javelin Will Increase DMG To Nearby Allies,Removed Javelin And Replaced It With Self Heal Ability Primary Fire Slows You Orisa Ultimate Will Increase Teammates Damage Aside Herself
(old rework, can still be enabled manually in the workshop) Orisa Javelin Will Heal Teammates Orisa Dashes Forward If Using Javelin Spin The Rest Is The Same
Nemesis Form Increased Damage
Respawn In The Same Position And Each Kills Resets Ammo
Charge Increase Speed Shield Have 0.5 Second Cooldown And 1050 Shield HP Firestrike Two Shots And Does Burn Damage But 17 Second Cooldown
Has His Old Breather Back
Sigma Kinetic Grasp GIves You No Gravity Temporarily
Overwatch 1 Hack (source from KHTG0)
Disallow Secondary Fire , Reduced Damage Dealt
One Bubble For Herself And Unlimited To Teammates

Players | 1 - 11
Heroes:, Doomfist, Junker Queen, Mauga, Orisa, and 34 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 0.3



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