1v6 Mercy Boss Fight

This code is over 6 months old. The code may have expired and might no longer function.

  • This is a 1v6 Gamemode in which 6 players (on Team 1) fight a boss playing as mercy (Team 2).

  • Mercy will always be ulting, and move extremely fast. However, every 5 seconds she will be rooted. After 5 seconds, she can move again by pressing Ability 1 (Default Key is Lshift).


  • Primary fire to launch a red orb that deals 100 damage if it hits the enemy.

  • Secondary Fire to first make a beam that does no damage, then launch a laser after a few seconds which does a lot of damage.

  • Ability 2 (Default key is E) to stun yourself and opponents nearby and damage them over time. You can still use your other abilities while doing this!

  • ULTIMATE: Get stunned and create a sphere on you which expands. After a few seconds, everyone within the sphere gets killed and the sphere starts shrinking again.

Win Conditions:

Team 1 has 30 lives. Once all of their lives run out, if Mercy gets a kill, she wins.

For Team 2 to win, simply kill Mercy in order to win.

This mode is meant for 6-7 players. If you find any bugs, let me know!

Inspired by Therister's Boss fight gamemodes

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Heroes: Mercy
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