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There's a Storm Brewin'

  • Spare Rations? is a survival game where there is not enough food, not enough healing, and not enough time to hunt. Especially with the Beast that lives in the storm...

The Wildlife

  • There is a variety of small creatures that inhabit the storm, as well as some larger ones
  • The wildlife tries to be elusive, but they always follow the same game trail
  • If you encounter the Beast, make sure not to look it in the eyes. We haven't heard back from the last hunter who saw it
  • I hear the beast is quite fond of rabbit stew...


NPC Job Description
Ana Butcher Bring her a rabbit to turn into Food for camp
Mercy Healer Can heal some of your wounds, but it takes a toll on her
Soldier: 76 Trapper Provides 1 rabbit trap every day

The wildlife spawns in the storm. Go out, hunt, and feed your camp!


  • Communicate "Need Healing" to trigger NPC specific actione e.g. heals, make food, make trap
  • Interact (F) to feed NPCs
  • Crouch + Interact (F) to feed yourself
  • Crouch + Reload (R) to sleep before match time sleep trigger
  • Ability 2 (E) to place traps
  • Melee knocked down wildlife to pick them up


Game ends when all players die or if at least one player survives to day 10
Keep NPCs alive by feeding them
Get Food by bringing the rabbit to the Butcher (Ana)
Hunt the wildlife in the storm using your bow and traps

Created during the Elo Hell Workshop Jam | October 2020 | Theme: Not Enough

Players | 1 - 7
Categories: Survival, Miscellaneous
Heroes: Hanzo
Maps: King's Row
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.0.2

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