One Night: Werewolf

This One Night: Werewolf port includes a few expansion roles. An adapted instruction set follows.

Setup differs based on the number of players (3-10). There should always be three more enabled cards than the number of players. The host can enable and disable roles in the workshop settings as well as in game by entering the host controls area. It's possible to play with more than the recommended amount of cards enabled, but not possible to play with less.

When the game starts each player will be assigned a random role card out of the enabled roles, and three role cards will go in the center of the playing area (represented by three circles).


There are several roles that are called on at night to do a night action. However, certain roles do not wake up at night. At night, each role will be woken up in turn (the wake order is displayed in the top right sidebar). If you wake up during the night, the game will tell you what to do for your role. Some roles require selecting a player or a middle card; your reticle is your cursor and the primary fire button is your selector.


After the night phase, players discuss amongst themselves who they believe the Werewolves are. All players may say or claim to be anything. Because certain roles change other players’ cards, some players will believe they are one role, when they are actually a different one. It's important to understand that your role might not be the one that you saw at the start of the game, and you may be on another team now - It's up to you to figure it out.
After a few minutes of discussion, players vote.


Once everyone has voted, the player with the most votes dies. In case of a tie, all players tied with the most votes die and reveal their cards. If no player receives more than one vote, no one dies.
If a Tanner is voted out, the Tanner wins. If not, the village wins if at least one werewolf was voted out. If no tanners or werewolves were voted out, the werewolves win.



Role Info
Werewolf Wakes up and sees who the other werewolves are. If no others, looks at a center card
Alpha Wolf Also chooses another player to turn into a werewolf
Mystic Wolf Also looks at another player's card
Dream Wolf Does not wake up with other werewolves but is seen by them
Minion Sees who all werewolves are. Werewolves do not lose if the minion is voted out


Role Info
Tanner Wins if voted out
Apprentice Tanner Sees who the tanner is. Wins if tanner is voted out. If no tanner, becomes a tanner


Role Info
Villager Does nothing
Seer Wakes up and looks at another player's card or two center cards
Robber Wakes up and switches their card with another player's card
Troublemaker Wakes up and switches two other player's cards around
Insomniac Sees their own card in the morning
Drunk Wakes up and switches their card with a center card without looking at the new role
Hunter If voted out, also kills the player they voted for
Mason Sees who the other mason is
Doppelganger Looks at another player's card and becomes that role
Sentinel Wakes up and protects another player. That player cannot be interacted with for the night.
Paranormal Investigator Wakes up and looks at up to two player's cards. If they see a werewolf or a tanner, they become that role
Witch Wakes up and looks at a center card. Can switch it with any player's card
Aura Seer Wakes up and sees who has looked at or moved cards during the night
Revealer Wakes up and chooses a player to reveal their role in the morning
Bodyguard Votes from the bodyguard don't count and instead protect the player from being voted out. The player with the next most votes is killed
Apprentice Seer Wakes up and looks at a center card


What happens if there are multiple tanners?

Multiple tanners are not on the same team. The apprentice tanner wins if any tanner is voted out, but only the tanner that is voted out wins. All others lose along with the rest of the players.

What happens if the apprentice tanner becomes the tanner and then another player becomes the tanner?

The apprentice tanner stays a tanner.

What happens if the doppelganger turns into a special werewolf?

If the doppelganger becomes an alpha wolf, they do not get to perform the alpha wolf action for balancing reasons. If the doppelganger becomes a P.I. and then becomes a mystic wolf, they do not get to perform the mystic wolf action since the P.I. normally wouldn't.

What happens if the bodyguard saves someone and no one else got more than one vote?

No one will get voted out and the werewolves will win.

Players | 3 - 10
Categories: Minigames
Heroes: Zarya, Ashe, Bastion, Cassidy, Doomfist, and 18 more...
Maps: Nepal
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.0



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