The Horde, an Intense PvE Mode by Scourge#11437

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Horde, an Infinite PvE Mode

Horde is a custom PvE mode in which players fight increasingly difficult waves of enemies which are endless! Slay the bots to claim victory in the final round!

This mode may prove difficult and requires a good team composition and about an hour of your time from start to finish.


  • This mode uses a wave system, with short breaks in between.
  • Each wave requires a higher number of enemies to be slain before the time runs out, or all players die (depends on game mode).
  • Being healed by health packs can equip powerful items to be used during the game!
  • Bots are selected at random, and number of random rerolls is based on difficulty!
  • The players win if they defeat the enemies required, and finish the boss fight without failure!
  • For completing activities the players earn or lose their team score, which is a measurement of team contributions, and directly powers up the damage of all allies.
  • The host can modify the various settings in the code to make it easier or harder.
    • The host can enable specific challenges which make it significantly harder!
  • This mode REQUIRES a good team composition in order to defeat the bots as they are relentless, and can prove a seemingly impossible challenge.
  • The host may select one of two game modes, one with timers & infinite lives, and one with unconsciousness but no timers.


  • This mode scales linearly with each level, however at level 7 a Random bot is created which is capable of various different capabilities.
  • At level 12 another Random bot is created. This bot may do special things that alter the outcome of the game.
  • At level 15 & beyond, the Random bots will reroll through their roaster and select a hero (different or same).
  • At level 20, several bots upgrade and unlock their game altering ultimates.

  • The final fight is difficult, and may prove a challenge, and is immune to ... clever use of game mechanics (for the most part).

  • ... and many more secret A.I. unlocks!


Simply load up the code in the settings, and open the lobby to everyone, and you're good to play!

  • If you want to change the difficulty or other settings, you can find them at the top of the workshop.
  • Challenges will make the game MUCH harder, as if the baseline was not hard enough!

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Players | 1 - 6
Categories: PvE
Heroes: D.va, Junker Queen, Orisa, Reinhardt, Roadhog, and 29 more...
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Current version: 2.3.3

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