Overwatch Minesweeper

Overwatch Minesweeper



This is a classic game - minesweeper. In it you have to open the whole field without hitting any mines. Opening the cells you will see numbers - the number of mines around the cell. You can put a flag on a closed cell so you don't accidentally open it

How to launch

Workshop code: EJPA5


  1. Press Primary fire to open the cell
  2. Press Secondary fire on the closed cell to put or take away the flag
  3. Press Secondary fire on the opened cell to open neighboring cells if number of open cell <= count of neighboring cells marked with flag
  4. The field is generated after the first shot. You can be sure that the first shot always hits a cell with no mines around it
  5. Fixed size of field: 10 x 10
  6. Custom mine count. Jump in the Red sphere to increase the number of mines, Crouch to decrease
  7. Crouch in the Yellow sphere to restart the game
  8. Press F to teleport into the Yellow sphere
  9. Press Melee attack to toggle top view
  10. Statistics
  11. You can play in co-op, but because of this can cause errors with the server or rendering elements


1. Game play video (Win)

Game play video (win)

2. Game play video (Lose)

Game play video (lose)

How its work

Game states:

  • Game state not started
  • Game state in progress
  • Game state lost
  • Game state win

On server starting:

  • Setup all global variables
  • Set Current status to Game not started

Then Cast rule for projectile usage

On game not started:

  • Create HUD hints
  • Set HUD with level
  • Drop lose condition
  • Stop timer
  • Drop flag counter
  • Generate mesh grid [1]
  • Create action spheres, field borders, states
  • Init projectile for each player
  • Switch current status to Game not started
  • User can increase or decrease mines count
  • Player open first cell
  • If player hit the cell on the field => generate field. First hit always open cell with number 0
  • Switch current status to Game in progress

On Game in progress:

  • Start chase timer
  • Player open cell [2]
  • Player toggle flag on cell
  • Win condition check (count of closed cells == mines count) => Switch current status to Game state win
  • Lose condition check (player touched mine) => Switch current status to Game state lost

On Game state lost:

  • Stop chase timer
  • Show mines
  • Kill player / Increase count of losses

On Game state win:

  • Stop timer and check personal best time
  • Show message about win / Increase wins count

On Going

  • Pressing F => teleport to Yellow sphere
  • Pressing Crouch in Yellow sphere => destroy all effects/texts/flags, set current status to Game state not started. If game was in progress => Increase lose count
  • Pressing Melee - toggle camera
  • Pressing Jump/Crouch in Red sphere => increase/decrease mines count, drop statistics

Then Destroy projctile


  1. generateField: Get first cell -> find neighbors -> generate random mine patterns (mine position != position of first cell or neighbors)
  2. getNeighbors: Find neighbors around getNeighborsArg and place to getNeighborsOut
  3. findProjectileHitIndex: Find index of cell that projectile hit
  4. openCell: If projectile hit cell with number != 0 -> call _openSingleCell otherwise call _openStackCell
  5. _openSingleCell: Open single cell
  6. _openStackCell: Open stack cells
  7. flagCell: Toggle flag if cell is closed, Open neighbors if cell is closed and number of it <= count of flags around
  8. showAllMines: Show all mines. Show right placed flags, Show mistake, Show all not flagged mines
  9. dropStats: drop personal best time, wins count, loses count
[1] mesh grid - list of coordinates of the field
[2] player hit cell -> if cell is number -> open single cell (if cell is mine -> set touch mine status to True)
                    -> else -> create stack of cells -> for each -> open cell


In this project, I encountered that the text and icons start to float when the play)er moves. To solve this problem, I tried to recalculate the coordinates of the text and icons according to the player's position through some proportions. As a result, I got the following formula:


- Real coordinate of text (icon)

- Left to player in world coordinates World Vector(Left, Local Player, Rotation)

- Eye position of local player

- Position of local player

- Y component of player eye position \
- Forward to player in world coordinates World Vector(Forward, Local Player, Rotation)

Players | 1 - 5
Categories: Minigames
Heroes: Pharah
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