McCree Single Bullet


Fun McCree-only deathmatch mode.

You get only 1 bullet when respawn, and you can't reload. To get the bullet back, either kill someone or die. When out of bullets, try to backstab someone with a melee punch

Game mode is based on existing 'McCree 1 shot' mode.
(supposedly made by

Core gameplay remains the same, compared to existing mode. Key changes:

  • Added new user-friendly UI with easy-to-understand indication
  • Added stats for individual players & stats of best player in each cathegory
  • Added visual effects for getting streaks
  • Code is completely rewritten, which fixed some minor bugs

Compartible with all maps.

Please, if you have noticed a bug in this game mode, describe it in comments.

Code Snippet



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Update Log

Improved text for stats
Minor changes in visual effects

Published on

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