VIP/Protect your president


Protect the president, but there is more than one president****

Inspired by Gears of War Guardian gamemode, each team has a VIP or president they must protect. If your VIP dies, you can’t respawn for the rest of the round. The round ends when all players on a team dies, and the opposite team receives a point. 5 points to win by default. There can never be 2 of the same VIP every round.

I provide additional workshop settings you can play around with, like changing the match time, score to win, if the last player and enemy VIP are revealed through walls, if you want mercy rezzing a VIP to re enable respawns, as well as modifiers you can change only for the VIP, like cooldown times, health, minimum ult charge, health regen, etc.

Feel free to message me on discord @AirLight#4822 if you have any questions, suggestions, you find a bug, etc.

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Current version | 1.0


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