Hammer Time!

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Welcome to "Hammer Time!", a custom gamemode where everyone is our favourite character, Torbjörn!
The rules of the game are simple, kill everything you see. With each kill, you gain a 1/5% of your Ultimate, when
you have 100%, you can transform into a Reinhardt and destroy the other Torbjörns!

Torbjörns have 1 abilites from the main game (Overload), and 4 brand new ones (Leap, Cannonball, Transform and Sprint)! We'll go over them one by one.

Leap - A movement ability which allows the user to jump at players at high speeds!
Cannonball - A CC ability which stuns hit enemies for 1,5 seconds and has a cooldown of 15 seconds!
Transform - Can only be used with full ult. charge, using this will transform you into Reinhardt!
Sprint - Another movement ability which increases your speed for a period of time.

Reinhardts can only use Leap and Firestrike to help their quest of eliminating the smaller hammer users, but
he can also see the position of every Torbjörn and vice versa!

Each ability is explained on the HUDs created in the left corner, so you don't have to read this again.


  • Toadplays - Main Scripter, Original Creator
  • lirner - Help with the Cannonball Projectile, Scripter
Heroes: Reinhardt, Torbjörn
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.0.0

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