Devil's Playground

This code is over 6 months old. The code may have expired and might no longer function.

Two teams of Mei battle in a skirmish mode:

Freeze lasts super long, icicles travel at 2% speed, 10% (5x) when ulting, and the first shot (for a limited time) after ulting travels at 100% (50x).

Players can use their ults when returning to a team fight to turn the tide and save a friend with a long ult toss and a well-aimed quick snipe.

Cooldowns are tweaked slightly, HP of wall is tweaked, etc. Getting too close for a headshot will cause your weapon to malfunction, and spraying freeze for too long will cause your gun (and you) to freeze up!

Mei's Ice Maker doesn't play well with others. Getting too close to an enemy will cause it to malfunction, preventing secondary fire! (gameflow mechanic)

Mei's blaster gets closer to 0 kelvin with every second of firing. Fire too long and you'll freeze up! (Anti-griefing mechanic)

Everyone that's tested it so far has laughed maniacally, though I do think it's better suited as a quality mini-game than a standalone mode long-term. I like to send the icicle, outrun it, and offer my victims hot cocoa, apologize, etc.

Been bouncing between "Mei's Playground" and "Devil's Playground." The latter seems to pique more curiosities and fill lobbies quicker.

Code: D808Z

If you try it out, lemme know what you love/hate.

Current map playlist is limited to a snow theme, but it'll work on any map.

Categories: Miscellaneous
Heroes: Mei
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.0

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