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Overwatch - Vassalize [AV5S9]

Vassalize is a new FFA gamemode for Overwatch. The objective is to vassalize players by eliminating them to grow your army and climb to the top of the food chain. You gain score for owning vassals and assisting vassals/lieges.


  • Liege - Someone who has eliminated you, or someone who has eliminated a player which has eliminated you.
  • Vassal - A vassal is someone who was last eliminated by you.
  • Indirect vassal - An indirect vassal is someone who is a vassal to one of your vassals (or another indirect vassal).
  • Ally - Someone in your direct chain (a liege or vassal or indirect vassal). You cannot harm them.


  • If a player deals a final blow, they vassalize their victim.
  • When a player dies, they lose all their vassals (even if suicide off map).
  • (Indirect)vassals cannot eliminate, use their abilities on, or knockback their lieges. The same applies for lieges towards their (indirect)vassals.
  • A player can eliminate players that aren’t in their direct chain (neither a liege nor a (indirect)vassal), including fellow vassals of the same liege or fellow vassals of their liege.
  • When you vassalize (deal final blow) to someone who has vassals, you gain points for “freeing their vassals”.
  • A player gets +25 shields per vassal they have. With no vassals, you have 1 shield (a shield pool cannot be 0).
  • Health packs have slower regen times to emphasise survivability - they’re not something to rely on too much. Partial teamwork is intended for maximum success, stick with your liege to receive healing.
  • Lieges can provide healing to direct vassals. Healing is slow but constant.
    • Healing speed is 10 per second.
    • Healing radius is 8 (visible for vassals as a yellow ring around the liege).
    • Healing a vassal gives 0.1 bonus point per health.
  • When assisting a liege or vassal with an elimination this provides bonus points towards your score if you don't get the final blow.
  • If all players are under a particular liege, either as a vassal or indirect vassal, the game ends and the player at the top of the hierarchy is declared the king (winner).
  • The aim of the game is to have the most points by the end of the match. Points allocation is described below. Points will become your score.
  • Each match is traditionally 15 minutes long.
  • The score goal is 5000, the game will end when the score is reached, time is up, or someone is declared the king.
  • This game mode requires 3 players minimum but works best with 6+ players, matches can be extremely short with less due to the king condition.
  • The points/score is only used to determine the winner when 5000 score is reached or 15 minutes elapsed. If the king condition is reached the score is ignored and the king wins.
  • Torbjorn and Symmetra have had their turrets disabled. They’ve gained a 5% damage buff to make up for the lack of turrets.
  • Ashe has a replacement ultimate. Instead of Bob she has Incendiary Ammo. The ultimate lasts for 15 seconds, and as the name suggests, it sets targets on fire when shot. The burn lasts for 2 seconds and does 40 damage (20 per second). The burn damage will stack when spam shooting an already burning player. This burn damage stacks on top of the bullet/shot damage and can be very lethal with high accuracy.
  • Mei has a replacement ultimate. Instead of Blizzard she has Frozone. Inspired by The Incredibles, Mei can travel at greater speed when traveling on her ice trail (shoot the endothermic blast at the ground in front of you as you travel forward). Mei has a sky blue icy fog around her which remains with her as she moves. The icy fog causes nearby enemies to slow, making them more vulnerable. When Mei uses cryo-freeze, it sends out a cold blast of ice around her which instantly freezes all enemies caught within the radius (only when using Frozone ultimate), the freeze lasts for 4 seconds. This ultimate gives her more mobility so she can take better advantage of her close quarter lethality.
  • Sombra can only use EMP when an ally is not near her.
  • If a Sombra tries to hack an ally, she’ll be prevented by receiving a temporary hack.
  • Knockback has been disabled for the sake of not being able to knockback allies off the map. Damage is still dealt from abilities that cause knockback (if used on non-allies). However, for certain characters such as Doomfist that rely on damage from knockback, they’ll be seriously hindered and it's unadvised to use them.
  • Brigitte cannot shield bash, this is to prevent stunning allies.
  • If Roadhog attempts to hook an ally it'll be cancelled immediately.
  • McCree will not be able to use flashbang if an ally is near and in sight.
  • Ana will not be able to use her biotic grenade or sleep dart if facing allies.
  • If a Reinhardt charges and pins an ally, the charge is cancelled immediately.
  • Zenyatta cannot discord allies.
  • Allies caught in Sigma’s gravitational flux will not be lifted in the air.
  • Sigma cannot use accretion if facing an ally.
  • Mei cannot freeze enemies with her endothermic blast or using her ultimate ability. Nor will they be slowed down by the ultimate.


  • 1 point per 5 seconds as a base.
  • 3 points per 5 seconds for each vassal owned.
  • 1 point per 5 seconds for each indirect vassal owned.
  • 0.5 points per 5 seconds for being an independent liege

Bonus Points

  • 3 points for each freed vassal when eliminating a liege.
  • 0.1 points for each bit of healing to vassals.
  • 2 point for assisting an ally with an elimination.

Point Multipliers

  • Liege multiplier
    • -0% of all points earning for having no liege.
    • -5% of all points earned for having a liege.
    • -10% of all points earned for having 2 lieges.
    • -15% of all points earned for having 3 lieges.
    • -20% of all points earned for having 4 or more lieges.


  • Yellow - liege (permanent outline) / superior liege (when in sight).
  • Purple - vassal (permanent outline) / indirect vassal (when in sight).
  • Red - other (killable).


  • Left
    • Lieges/vassals
    • Scoreboard
  • Top
    • Time
    • Ultimate duration (Ashe)
  • Right
    • Score breakdown
    • Recycle icon - accumulation points (points over time)
    • Plus icon - bonus points
    • Asterisk icon - point multipliers


  • Set debugging to True in the workshop settings.
  • Debugging allows you to test out the vassal/liege system.
    • Right click a player to deal damage to them and be awarded the final blow and be made liege.
    • Left click on a player to set them as the “aggressor”, left click again on a player within 10 seconds to set them as the “target”. The aggressor will damage the target and be made liege if killed.
    • Melee to receive damage from nearest player to your reticle.


  • 1.0.0 - Unreleased (11/02/2021)
  • 1.0.1 - Unreleased (?)
  • 1.0.2 - AV5S9 (24/02/2021)

Roadmap (development)

  • Counter Reinhardt's hammer down ultimate so that it doesn't knockdown allies.
  • Add support abilities for allies
    • Sombra - “hack” allies to speed up their cooldown times.
    • Ana - nano boost an ally.
Heroes: D.va, Orisa, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Sigma, and 27 more...
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Current version: 1.0.2

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