Hive Mind 1v1


Each player has 5 clones. The clones follow the leader around and aim where the leader aims, shoot when they shoot, etc.

Can be played with more than 2 players, but only the player in the first slot of each team will have clones. Additional players have to use the same hero as the team leader.

1 point is gained by killing all 6 enemies. If a real player dies, they will take the place of one of their team's clones if any are still alive.

Demo (the version of the mode shown here was unfinished)(Skip to 2:59:05):

Categories | 1vs1
Heroes | All
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Current version | 1.0.5


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Update Log (2)


Made a change to Wrecking Ball's Piledriver ability. Now when the Team Leader uses the ability, any bots that aren't at the correct minimum altitude (2.25m) will be teleported to the same altitude as the Leader so they can use the ability.

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