Hide & Seek: Ultimate


Source Code: https://github.com/CaptCaptain/Hide-and-Seek--Ultimate

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The classic Hide & Seek gamemode with improvements, and a new level of customization! The seekers must locate the hiders before time runs out. The hiders are given a period of time to hide. The hiders win if they can survive within the time limit, whereas the seekers will win if they eliminate all the hiders!

  • AROUND THE WORLD: Hide & Seek together in the streets of Havana, in the cold Ecopoint Antarctica, and in Blizzard's latest map—Kanezaka.
  • WORKSHOP SETTINGS (RULESETS): Change the game style, adjust the time limit, or make everyone super small with Workshop Settings! You can check the settings used for the lobby in-game.
  • IMPROVEMENTS: Seamless barrier noclip, simple but informative hud, accessibility settings for D.Va and other Tanks, and more!

This workshop gamemode contains a variety of settings open for hosts to create their own style of Hide & Seek! To access them, head to Lobby > Settings > Workshop Settings


Setting Name Setting Description
Style DEFAULT uses standard game rules.
GLITCH grants noclip to all players.
TINY makes the hiders smaller
MERCY V. REINHARDT forces everyone to be Mercy and Reinhardt, have increased speed, and allow Mercy resurrections
Gamemode Start IMMEDIATELY: The game starts when there is one seeker and one hider, regardless of ratio.
WAIT FOR PLAYERS (TIMEOUT): The game will start when there is a specified ratio of hiders and seekers or if it takes too long.
WAIT FOR PLAYERS (NO TIMEOUT): The game starts when there is a specified ratio of hiders and seekers.
Hiding Time The amount of time the game gives for hiding.
Seeking Time The amount of time the game gives for seeking.
Required Seeker to Hider Ratio The number of seekers to hiders that are required. If it is set to "1:3" for example, the game will not begin unless there is a seeker for every three hiders.
Hider Outlines Determines whether hiders will have outlines on or off. Outlines make it easier for seekers to spot hiders.
Seeker Outlines DEFAULT: Seeker outlines are visible.
OCCLUDED: Seeker outlines are visible when occluded by the environment.
ALWAYS: Seeker outlines are always visible through walls.
Slow Hider When In Line of Sight of Seeker Determines whether hiders will be slowed down have their abilities disabled when in line of sight of a seeker.
Show Remaining Hiders When Round Ends LAST HIDER ONLY: The last hider will be revealed after the round.
ON: All remaining hiders will be revealed after the round.
OFF: No hiders will be revealed after the round.
When Match Is Complete (Skirmish) SKIP END GAME SCREEN: The game will skip the end game card screen.
SKIP POTG: The game will skip the Play of the Game.
DO NOTHING: The game will not skip anything.


Setting Name Setting Description
D.Va Player Accessibility ALLOW DE-MECH ONLY: The D.Va player can de-mech but cannot re-mech
ALLOW DE-MECH AND RE-MECH: The D.Va player is allowed to de-mech and re-mech.
OFF: The D.Va player cannot de-mech or re-mech.
Tank Hider Accessibility SCALE DOWN ALL TANKS: All Tank Hiders will be scaled down.
SCALE DOWN TANKS AUTOMATICALLY: The game will determine which Tank heroes will be scaled down.
OFF: No Tank Hiders will be scaled.
Wrecking Ball Hider Accessibility: Infinite Grapple Determines if Wrecking Ball Hiders will have no cooldowns on grapple.
Allow Hiders to Lay Down Determines if hiders can lay down. This allows players who don't own sitting emotes to hide.
Allow Slingshot Tool Determines if players can use the slingshot tool. This allows heroes with low mobility to be able to reach spots with high elevation.
Seeker Assistance Determines if Seekers will receive a message when a hider is nearby.
Camera Mode FIRST PERSON: The camera will be in first person view.
THIRD PERSON: The camera will be in third person view.
TOGGLE: The player can toggle the camera between first person and third person view.


Setting Name Setting Description
First Team To X WIN(S): The number of wins that a team must reach to claim victory.
Player Size Scalar Determines the base size of all players.
Player Speed Scalar Determines the base speed of all players.
Allowed Restricted Seeker Heroes Determines if restricted seeker heroes will be allowed in play. Sombra and Zenyatta are capable of highlighting enemies with their hack and discord orb respectively. Moira is problamatic due to her forgiving beam hitbox.
Show Debug Stats Determines if debug stats will be shown.


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Update Log (9)


  • Added Ayutthaya, Busan Sanctuary (Lunar New Year), and Busan Downtown (Lunar New Year) to the map pool.
  • Players are no longer stunned when they die to the environment, instead they will be rooted in place for a short period.

The game has been updated to support Team Deathmatch maps. To avoid duplicate maps, only the following Team Deathmatch maps are enabled by default:

  • Castillo
  • Chateau Guillard,
  • Kanezaka,
  • Ecopoint Antarctica (and its winter variant)
  • Necropolis
  • Black Forest (and its winter variant)
  • Petra

(Note: Team Deathmatch does not allow for the Workshop to restart the lobby, the host must do it manually after the match is complete.)


  • Fixed a bug with Seeker Assistance
  • Fixed a bug where Sombra could remain invisible in front of a seeker.

Slingshot Tool

  • Slingshot cooldown now starts when the player lands on ground.
  • Slingshot cooldown is now dependent on the current game phase. It will have no cooldown during Hiding Phase and have an 8 second cooldown during seeking phase.


  • Fixed laying-down camera sometimes trying to position itself into the player while they are on certain geometry.

Dynamic Translation

I have started preparing the gamemode to support dynamic translation, where the Workshop text is displayed in the player's language. This would allow for the gamemode to reach a wider audience. If you want to help translate the gamemode, use this form to submit: https://forms.gle/Rr5tgFQqnPCDfQTx7.

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