🤵🏼 Job Simulator (King's Row)



This mode originaly was made by MrSharkiee and modified by Mercy.
I myself did a full code-overhoul of the mode to fix existing problems and improve the gamemode overall.

This gamemode is about jobs. You can enter a variety of jobs and earn money, while working.

Job list:

  • Bartender: Serves drinks
  • Mechanic: Sells automotive components to improve your movement
  • Doctor: Can heal people
  • Cinema-Attendant: Sells movie tickets
  • Officer: Can enprison criminal people
  • Toy Worker: Sells powerful toys
  • Researcher: Sells powerful tools to manipulate the world
  • Mafia: You and your members mug people

How it works:

  1. Most interactions requires you tu use the interact key
  2. You cannot accept more than one job at a time
  3. You will only earn money/commision while working
  4. Some jobs requires you to have no players killed (zero kill count). These jobs are: Officer, Doctor, Bartender
  5. Serving time in prison will reset player kill count, but increases with evidence!

Watch the movie in the cinema for more infos like map overview and points of view.

Code Snippet

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Update Log (8)

Updated Code (So it does not expire)

This code is over 6 months old. This might mean the code has expired and will no longer function.


  • Removed Tutorial Area (as to many text elements cousing element-limit issues when the game is full)
  • Redesigned the cinema movie (also including some tutorial infos)
  • Jobs now have their salary directly displayed at their location
  • Added Objective Descriptions, to give you some lead through the mode.
  • Optimized some more effects
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