Doomfist Parkour Lijiang: Tournament Map

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Welcome to the first map in my Doomfist Parkour Tournament series! Using a combination of your abilities, reach the checkpoints in the two levels without hitting the ground. Race with friends for the fastest times, which will pop up on the leaderboard in-game.

This map includes two levels, Speedrun and Hardcore. In these levels, you'll see some special effects (white spheres and pillars) that you can pass through to gain more (or less) abilites. If you touch a red sphere or pillar, you will be reset to the current checkpoint. In addition to this, some checkpoints are "ability locked". This means you must find the special effects before reaching the checkpoint. Finally, you can reduce your time by hitting the blue orbs/pillars or completing the "pro missions" laid out on the left side of the screen.

Ultimate + Interact = Restart (Ends current run and takes you back to the origin).
Reload = Reset yourself back to the current checkpoint.
Interact + Jump = Skip the current checkpoint.
Interact + Crouch = Go back to the previous checkpoint.
Interact + Melee = Pro mode (If you die, your run ends and you are taken back to the origin).
Interact + Primary Fire = View the location of the next checkpoint.

Check out the map guide here, made by yours truly:
Join my Discord server so you can submit your times and meet the other players playing this map:

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