1v1 nano blade with 5 bots on each team

in this gamemode you and whoever you are goong to 1v1 are forced to pick genji. In the first round of the game you bith must say need healing, which will spawn a rienhart, roadhog, McCree, ana and mercy on your team. These bots will fight with you. When you use your genji blade the ana will look try to nano you, but if someone gets in the way, you wont get it. The mercy will try to pocket you. The goal is to just have fun getting 4 or 5 kills with nanoblade and beat tour friends.

note: once you have soawned in your team the first time you wont have to again untill tou reatart the gamemode.

Categories: 1vs1
Heroes: Genji
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.0.1

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