FAIR game against bots.

I call it FAIR because many other workshop AI uses some hidden cheat approaches like healing while idle instead of going to the health pack, or teleport to battle instead of pathfinding.

TDM and FFA both supported.
There's many options you can custom in workshop setting menu. Comment if you have any question.
In FFA mode you can edit bot quota and hero, from 2(1v1) to 12, all heros supported.
And I included my previous work that enables workshop dummy bots to detect turrets.
Adding new hero logics.
Fixing some bugs.

Most AI heros performs better than official AIMBOTs when aiming deviation is set to 0. But there's still some that cannot overpower official AIMBOTs, which are listed in the Image. I've done my best till now, and would like to get feedback or even help from you guys, thank you.

work to do:
More debugging.

Many of the inspirations are from you guys, and some respectful authors. This mode won't be here without your efforts. Thank you very much.

good luck & have fun!

Update log:


  1. Fixed a bug that caused bot to frequently aim and shoot at his own created object in FFA mode.
Players | 1 - 6
Categories: PvE
Heroes: All
Maps: Blizzard World, Hollywood, King's Row, Busan, Ilios, and 3 more...
Created at:
Last updated:

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