Junkenstein's Victory - Play As The Villains!

Tired of playing same ol' Junkenstein's Revenge again this Halloween? How about an evil little twist...

Junkenstein's Victory is a unique 4-player Co-Op PvE adventure gamemode, where you play as the mad Dr. Junkenstein, his fearsome Monster, the grim Reaper and the wicked Witch of the Wilds as you slaughter your way into the castle of Adlersbrunn to kill the Lord once and for all!

A custom dialogue system, over 20 cutscenes, 14 different enemies, 10 different upgrades, 6 unique unlockable talents per villain (that makes 24 total!!), 4 heroic bosses with a plethora of different attacks, and SO MUCH MORE! Get your revenge and claim your victory!

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- Translator: I'Chiyu 이치유

- Translator: Zesty


Dr. Junkenstein
Junkenstein's Revenge When downed, repeatedly release Total Mayhem bombs at your corpse every second.
Superconductive When under 66.6% health, nearby enemies take electric damage over time.
Discharged Every killing blow causes the victim to discharge electricity, damaging nearby enemies and stunning them.
Shocking Surprise Concussion Mine and Riptire now also electrify enemies, stunning them.
Faraday Trap When an enemy is caught in your Steel Trap, they start electrifying nearby enemies, damaging and rooting them.
Zombardier Upon activating Riptire, a zombardier is summoned that fights for you for 20 seconds.

Junkenstein's Monster
Evil Stitched To Evil Every killing blow grants you +100 unrecoverable HP.
It's Alive! Become nanoboosted for 10 seconds whenever you revive. Allies revive you twice as quickly.
Recycling When crouching, deal 2× damage, but every shot takes 100HP from you.
Chain Reaction Successfully landing a hook sets its cooldown to 1 second, however missing a hook sets its cooldown to 12 seconds.
Monstrous Roar Replaces Take A Breather with a roar that heals you and grants 60% damage reduction for 5 seconds. All enemies immediately target you.
Beware; For I Am Fearless Whole Hog now deals zero knockback. 2× movement speed while Whole Hog is active.

The Grim Reaper
Reap What You Sow Every killing blow refreshes one of your cooldowns.
Marked For Death Shoot an enemy to mark them, making them visible through walls and take 1.25× damage. You can only mark one enemy at a time.
The Reaper's Scythe Gain 2× melee range and 2.5× melee damage.
Vengeful Ghost While in Wraith Form, nearby enemies take damage over time.
Jumpscare Upon exiting Shadow Step, all nearby enemies become frozen in fear.
Dance With The Reaper While using Death Blossom, you become invincible and move 3× as fast.

The Witch Of The Wilds
Chaos Magic Heal yourself for 50% damage your heal target takes and 50% damage they deal. Your health regen is drastically reduced.
Mystic Transfusion Press ''Reload'' while healing a player to instantly heal them for 100HP, sacrificing 60HP of your own.
Bewitching Grasp Replaces Damage Boost with a beam that locks onto enemies and drains their health.
Flying Broomstick Guardian Angel now damages and knocks back enemies in your path.
Undying Servitude Replaces Resurrect. Casts a spell on a living teammate that makes them invulnerable to all damage for 8 seconds.
Hex Mania Upon activating Valkyrie, all enemies in a 30 meter radius go insane for 8 seconds, becoming hacked and confused.


Name Description
Villager The most basic enemy. A Torbjörn that fights using only a hammer. A very humble but hardworking fellow.
Killager A Torbjörn that shoots rivet gun bullets while keeping a distance. Constantly mocks Villager about their inability to use a ranged weapon.
Skillager A Torbjörn that has very low fire rate and slow movement speed, but always aims for the head. A warning beam shows when Skillager is about to fire at a player's head. Often mails petitions to the Lord for them to be renamed to "1shot1killager". The Lord never reads them.
Grillager A Torbjörn that doesn't attack, but activates Overload when close enough to a target. The moment the Overload ends or Grillager dies while Overloading, they explode, lighting any players caught in the blast on fire. A calm, collected individual with a patient heart. Best friends with Chillager.
Chillager A Torbjörn that doesn't attack, but when close enough to a target or upon dying, they explode, freezing any players caught in the blast. Has severe anger management issues. Best friends with Grillager.
Instakillager A small and speedy Torbjörn that only uses their hammer, but deals immense damage. Rat bastard little gremlin. Nobody likes them.
Spillager A Torbjörn that is constantly using Molten Core. Has received multiple complaints and restraining orders from the Royal Guards for repeatedly ruining the carpets in the Lord's castle.
Overkillager A large, beefy, powerful Torbjörn that fires shotgun bursts of rivet pellets. Occasionally spawns a turret at their feet. The other villagers all look up to them and trust in their leadership.
Overoverkillager An even larger, even beefier, even more powerful Torbjörn that fires accurate rivet gun bullets at faraway targets, but switches to shotgun pellets for closer targets. Occasionally spawns a turret at their feet. Sometimes, they will also use Molten Core. Both the guards and villagers are terrified to death of them. Not even the Lord knows where they came from. They just kind of showed up in the village one day and nobody was brave enough to ask them to leave.
Guard A Brigitte that keeps a distance from their target with their shield up. Frequently Whip Shots. Switches to swinging their mace if their shield breaks. Please don't break their shields though, they're sensitive about it.
Vanguard A Brigitte that aggressively chases down their targets, swinging their mace and occasionally Shield Bashing. Some guards consider them the courageous, fearless bunch. Other guards think they're just really simple-minded.
Lifeguard A Brigitte that keeps their shield up and heals their allies with Repair Packs and Inspire. Occasionally Whip Shots. Switches to swinging their mace if their shield breaks. Has a tough time telling the difference between beaches and bathtubs. They have a strong, spiteful grudge against Bitter Guard.
Safeguard A Brigitte that has a comically large shield, which they keep up at all times. Their shield instantly replenishes 1 second after being broken. Occasionally Shield Bashes. Has incredibly impressive upper arm strength from all that heavy lifting, as well as a really strong love for goats for some reason.
Royal Guard A Brigitte that is constantly using Rally. Keeps a distance from their target with their shield up. Frequently Whip Shots. Switches to swinging their mace if their shield breaks, but their shield replenishes after 10 seconds. Shield Bashes targets that get too close. The Lord's most trusted and loyal protectors. When off combat duty, they serve as housekeepers for the castle.
Bitter Guard "JUNKTASTICALLY NIGHTMARISH!!!" EXCLUSVE - A Brigitte that aggressively chases down their targets, swinging their mace and occasionally Shield Bashing. Has more health than a Vanguard. Poisons any players that enter their aura. The name is apparently a misnomer, as their flesh is in fact quite savoury. They have a secret crush on Lifeguard.
Chernobyllager "JUNKTASTICALLY NIGHTMARISH!!!" EXCLUSVE - A large but slow Torbjörn that doesn't attack, but when close enough to a target or upon depleting their health, they arm themselves for 1 second before exploding, dealing immense damage in a large radius and leaving behind a poisonous cloud of nuclear fallout. The fallout clears up after 8 seconds. Used to be an ordinary Grillager. Gained extraordinary powers after being bitten by a radioactive nuclear reactor.
Players | 1 - 4
Categories: Protect, PvE
Maps: Eichenwalde
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.5.19



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