★★Murder Mystery With Town Of Salem Roles!

This mode is a mixture of the original Murder Mystery you all know, and several brand new features inspired by Town of Salem!

In this gamemode, 12 innocent townspeople must find out who the three secret mafia members among them are by using their abilities to work together and bring justice! Meanwhile, the mafia must also use their abilities to deceive the townspeople, and kill them off one-by-one.

If you're lucky enough to be selected as a "neutral role", you can bring your own chaos to the match in unique ways!

The Factions & Roles

  • On top of every player having global mechanics (Sprint and Superjump), each faction also contains its own roles to cause havoc with!

The Town

You are all innocent! Use your roles and abilities as a team to discover the mafia, or play selfishly and figure out the mystery yourself.

Role Name Description
Investigator Use your ultimate while looking at someone to get a hint at their role!
Vigilante You can hurt 1 extra town member before dying!
Inspector Get notified whenever a player dies! Press ult near them to see where their killer went afterwards.
Spy Place a camera with secondary fire. Hold ultimate to view through it!
Lookout Press utimate to tag who you're looking at. You can then see their outline through walls permanently! try to tag everyone.
Doctor Your ultimate makes the person you're looking at invincible for 8 seconds! (crouch to use on yourself)
Teleporter Press secondary fire to place a marker, then ultimate to use it!
Psychic Your ultimate gives you a vision of either 3 or 2 players. If it's 3 players, at least one is evil! If it's 2 players, one of them is a townie!

The Mafia

You need all the town dead to win. Use your abilities to deceive the towns people while gathering information, then use this to tactically kill them all one-by-one.

Role Name Description
Ambusher Hold ultimate to turn invisible! this costs ult
Consigliere Your ultimate displays a person's role to all the mafia & displays their outline through walls!
Disguiser Your ultimate lets you disguise yourself as another nearby player!
Poisoner Your ultimate fires a projectile that poisons players! Curable by healthpack.
Hypnotist Press ultimate while looking at a player to hypnotise them! Disabling their ability, superjump and sprint for 11 seconds.
Hex Master Your ultimate places a hex on a player you look at, press secondary fire to force all hexed players to melee!


You are alone and on neither side! Do not worry, you can make your own win conditions based on how you use your role. Use your unique ability to secure the win, and make decisions that can affect the whole game.

Role Name Description
Assassin You have a target you must kill! After you kill them, you become a town member. Otherwise, you must kill everyone else to win!
Amnesiac You have no true role and cannot kill. Press ultimate near a dead player to take their role & join their faction!
Serial Killer Kill to be the last one alive! Each kill you get makes you stronger...
Witch Your ultimate revives a dead player as a witch! Live to see all players converted to witches.

Extra Stuff

This mode is customizable! Lobby owners can change settings such as: Round duration, number of rounds and when to reveal player outlines (if at all)
Lobby owners may also choose extra settings such as: Killing players who join mid-round and disabling hero passives. You may even change up the gameplay with settings such as special rounds, number of players per side and how fast abilities charge!
If you have an issue with a role, don't feel bad about disabling it in the settings!

Players | 1 - 12
Categories: Miscellaneous
Heroes: D.va, Orisa, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Sigma, and 27 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 2.0.2


Ability 1
Hold to sprint! This costs Stamina.
Crouch + Jump
Hold crouch to charge, then jump to use a superjump!
Hold to sprint! This costs Stamina.
Hold crouch to charge, then jump to use a superjump!
Hold to sprint! This costs Stamina.
Hold crouch to charge, then jump to use a superjump!
Hold to sprint! This costs Stamina.
Hold crouch to charge, then jump to use a superjump!
Hold to sprint! This costs Stamina.
Hold crouch to charge, then jump to use a superjump!



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