🎃Trick Or Treat Sim💀


Knock on doors and collect candy in this Trick Or treat sim. Maybe you'll meet some crazy characters along the way.

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Categories | Miscellaneous
Heroes | All
Maps | Eichenwalde
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Current version | 1.2


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Very cool game : )

theres a bug where you can get out of the cage in the last part of the game by either using an emote or just walking very slowly tho


Very well done I enjoyed it it wasnt glitchy at all but one bug I did find was if you incrase the player count then the mode starts breaking by stuff not showing


Awesome game dude! Super creative.


It's literally so good, great job!!


I laughed my *ss off when the guy hit the door on me and left me with 1 HP. Great job.


Can you remove the animation? People in my lobby can't get through it cause they're confused

FINCH#12273 creator

there are now directions in the intro, I cleaned up a lot of the game and will continue to clean it


Thanks, man! This game really made me smile! It has a very friendly atmosphere with a touch of humor.

I also like it when environmental objects take part in the gameplay. I felt like I was playing a better version of Find Items, but with a plot.

The only problem is that some quests appear on the list earlier than you receive them. Maybe you can fix it for other players.

FINCH#12273 creator

thank you so much! your search and find game was a big inspiration for this game :)

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