1v1 Arena Deathmatch V2.6.1


Deathmatch Arena 2.6.1 (Code-> C374R)

The goal of this mod is to create a fast and free-flowing 1v1 version of Overwatch, in the same vein as a game like Quake, with the ability to string moves together, similar to fighting games. Current Overwatch is made for heros to be cogs in a team, supported with healers and shields which clearly will be absent in this game mode. Because of this damage had to be scaled back significantly and team-centric abilities had to be reworked or removed. To compensate for this, movesets where altered to give heros more tools that better suit a 1v1 game mode. Heros were also given different movespeeds, jump heights, and gravitiees to accentuate their unique character designs/feel. This will also change the way other characters interact/combo one another.

The map pool was chosen to promote smaller, nonlinear maps that allow for meaningful interactions. I tried to avoid using maps with an over abundance of health packs or maps that are heavily one-sided. This was done to discourage player movement from stagnating. Health pack timers are greatly increased to ensure that players must continue move around the map regardless of their health. This should promote movement, even if it is in a non combative manner. The score limit and time are place holders and will be adjusted as needed.

The goal is to add more heros, but as of now these are the ones that feel have a relatively clear character design and somewhat defined playstyles and motifs. They are not necessarily perfectly designed and do have bugs, but I am under the impression that they largely act/play as intended. Below is a list of character changes. The numbers under abilities and attributes are the sliders in the hero menu in the workshop main menu. To play use this code C374R to import the game into the Overwatch Workshop. Reporting bugs and any feedback is greatly appreciated. Join the Discord for the latest information: https://discord.gg/gMXsVfr

Note: A lot of abilities were added to voice lines, this is simply because there are only so many buttons to mod commands to. Voice lines also have artificial cooldowns since voice lines will not trigger if they are pressed in quick succession, even though the text will appear.

I would also like to give thanks to the many people who have made theirs codes publicly avaliable including but not limited to Therister, Darwin, A Shrew's Berry, kaiomm, awayawayawayaway69.



  • Ground slam-if meleeing in the air with an altitude > 6, Baptiste will accelerate downward and hit the ground sending out a ring (radius is equal to the altitude at which you began your descent) that will knock up (impulse is equal to the altitude at which you began your descent) and stun (.3 sec) enemies who are on the ground and within line of sight of the landing location

  • Meleeing airborne enemies will knock them back

  • Left shift will boost Baptiste's speed by 1.6x for 3 secs. This will also remove slows, d.o.t's, and burns.

  • Secondary fire will set out a cloud of gas for 8 seconds that will do .5 damage per sec to enemies who enter it

  • Blink- Baptiste will perform a short blink in his facing direction when you press 'E' if he is on the ground. If you melee in the next .5 secs, after coming out of the Blink, Baptist's melee will become empowered. Hit enemies will be knocked over for 2 secs and knocked away.


  • Ammo size reduced 50%
  • Immortality field disabled


  • Damage dealt 100->65
  • Healing received 100->18
  • Damage received 100->95
  • Jump vert 100->125
  • Movement gravity 100->135
  • Movement speed 100->115


Demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2SHA5e_4n4k&feature=youtu.be


  • Passive-landing an ability sets the victim on fire, hitting an enemy that is on fire with a basic attack
    will proc the fire and deal bonus damage [25]

  • Pressing the interact key (F by default) will now fire a bomb that will deal 50 damage and knock up enemies that are directly hit. Enemies within 3 units but not directly hit will be dealt 25 damage. It has a cooldown of 6.5 seconds.

  • Whip shot-now will root its victim and accelerate Brigette in their direction

  • Pressing 'E' fires a whip that will pull enemies towards her and stun them for .3 seconds on hit

  • Ultimate-pulls enemies with in a radius of 8 units towards Brigette and sets them on fire


  • Shield recharge rate 100->1
  • Shield bash invincibility frames added on frames 5-12
  • Whip shot cool down 100->140 knockback 100->49


  • Damage dealt 100->73
  • Healing received 100->40
  • Health 100->90
  • Jump vert 100->90
  • Movement gravity 100->125
  • Movement speed 100->90


Demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jAlrmGS3xRc&feature=youtu.be


  • Rocket punch-hitting an opponent in the air will knock them down for 2.5 seconds

  • Meleeing a knocked down opponent will wake the victim up

  • Boosted attacks-by communicating Doomfist's "acknowledge" voice line (G by default) and inputting either your primary attack or seismic slam you will be able to perform a boosted version of that attack at the expense of his ultimate charge percent.

  • Boosted primary fire-sets victim's movement speed to 40% for 1.75 seconds
    costs 25% of Doomfist's ultimate charge percent

  • Boosted seismic slam-grants 10 frames of invincibility on seismic slam
    costs 50% of Doomfist's ultimate charge percent

  • Doomfist will perform a quick burst of movement forward if you press interact (F by default) and backwards when crouching

  • Doomfist can cancel uppercut and seismic slam by pressing jump while performing either move


  • Uppercut cooldown 100->40 6 frames of invincibility on start up
  • Rocket punch cooldown 100->200 knockback 100->20
  • Ultimate duration 4->1 second
  • Ammo size 4->1 regen rate 100->165


  • Damage dealt 100->55
  • Damage received 100->95
  • Jump vert 100->130
  • Movement gravity 100->150
  • Movement speed 100->120



  • Ultimate-damage is now determined by his distance from the victim. The closer he is the lower the damage.
    Upon landing a primary attack while using Genji's ultimate .1 seconds of hits stun while be applied to Genji

  • Primary attacks will cause victims to take damage over time (bleed), 1% of max vicitim health for 5 secs

  • Deflect-using deflect while Genji's ult is active will cause a puff of smoke to appear around Genji

  • Meleeing an enemy under 1/3 health will deal 20 bonus damage

  • Ult secondary fire-when performed on the ground Genji will perform a backwards jump

  • Genji can cancel swift strike by pressing jump while performing the move


  • deflect cooldown 100->20 duration .32 seconds
  • swift strike cooldown 100->75 2 frames of invincibility on start up
  • ultimate duration 100->60


  • Damage dealt 100->50
  • Jump vert 100->70
  • Movement gravity 100->65
  • Movement speed 100->85
  • Ammo 100->70


Demo: https://youtu.be/7sYjgnMORms


  • Sonic Arrow has been replaced with new ability 'boomerang'

  • Boomerang-on hit the projectile will deal 40 damage and stun the victim for .5 seconds. then it will bounce back towards Hanzo. missing the attack or falling to catch the returning projectile will leave the projectile on the ground. if the projectile is caught or picked up the cooldown will be reset, otherwise the full cooldown will run (4 seconds).

  • Secondary fire-Hanzo can fire two projectiles, one at a time, that will continue forward until they hit a surface. once both projectiles are out a beam will connect that two projectiles, so long as the are in line of sight of each other. the projectiles must be destroyed before you can set more. this can be done two ways. 1. if an enemy walks between the two projectiles and crosses the beam, they will be knocked down for .75 seconds and destroy the projectiles. 2. pressing interact (F by default) will destroy everything and reset the cooldown.

  • Storm Arrows-reduces the enemies movements speed by 15% per hit. Hanzo has his damage is reduced to 40% while active. The idea of this is to help Hanzo land hihs primary fire. My goal is to keep primary fire as Hanzo's main damage source and give more tools to land good shots.

    • Damage no longer charges Hanzo's ult, instead moving on the ground will increase charge percent at rate 1% every .24 secs you are moving
  • Ult disabled, instead Lunge now cost 33% of Hanzo's ult charge to use

  • Melee-hitting an enemy with will cause them to be pushed back

  • Primary Fire-If Hanzo has a height advantage of more than 5 units and hits an enemy, they will be briefly knocked down


  • Lunge cooldown 100->0
  • Lunge dist scalar 100->150
  • Storm Arrows cooldown 100->75
  • Sonic Arrow disabled


  • Damage dealt 100->50
  • Jump vert 100->225
  • Movement gravity 100->165
  • Movement speed 100->120
  • Projectile speed 100->280


Demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ttv7H1tsB30&feature=youtu.be


  • Primary Fire-can now apply 3 special charges to next attack 1. communicating 'group up' will freeze an enemy that is hit for 1.75 seconds. 2. Communicating 'thanks' will burn an enemy that it hits dealing 1.5% of max vicitim health for 5 secs 3. communicating 'hello' will knockback an enemy that it hits. More knockback is dealt the closer the enemy is to the player. The fastest way to access these commands are to hold down 'C' hover over the desired command, and release 'C'. These will perform a bonus if you hit an enemy that already has a status applied to them, see chart:

  • 1st shot + 2nd shot = effect
    fire + frost = slow
    fire + knockback =further kb & knockdown
    frost + fire =2x d.o.ts
    frost + knockback = burst damage & unfreeze

  • Fan-costs 50% of ultimate charge to use

  • Stun-creates a 2 second blind


  • Ultimate disabled
  • Flashbang stun reduced


  • Damage dealt 100->70



This kit is designed to combo vertically. Hitting an enemy in the air will cause both you and them to rise. The goal is to open your combo by getting them in the air with a melee. I think approaching with a healing orb while dashing forward to reset the cooldown is Moira's most effective way to get openings. Once they are in the air you can juggle between pushing and pulling with secondary fire and melee respectively. Keep in mind that your combos will greatly depend on the enemy's gravity, so your combos will vary by character. Primary fire is typically used as the combo ender. Orb can be used to knocked down and disengage the combo. I dont think this character is very intuative (plus they can be kind of janky/buggy) so I will try to get a video out in the coming week that shows what I'm talking about. She will probably need some tweeking, currently lighter characters can get flung around too much, but this is a starting point.

  • Primary fire - Applies a backwards impulse to enemies within 5 units. If they were hit with Moria's secondary fire in the last .75 seconds you will deal an additional 100 damage. Can also be use to perform a boosted jump by firing primary fire at the ground while in the air (basaically rocket jumping).

  • Secondary fire - Will pull enemies in if they are with in 6.75 units. If you hit an airborne enemy while you are in the air, both players wil be popped up. Also, damage now scales by distance from enemy (damage range 2-7). The closer to them the more damage she does. Drains ult charge at rate of -1 every .32 seconds.

  • Orb - Damaged enemies will be slowed to 30%. Will knock down airborne enemies for 1.2 seconds.

  • Ult - Can cancel by pressing crouch. Aim speed is reduced to 10% while ulting. Applies a .032 second stun every .64 seconds and applies a small knock back to the enemy. Moria will have 0 gravity while ulting. This allows her to hover if she ults while ascending in the air (may cause her to shoot off if she gets hit... we will see).

  • Pressing 'Ult (q)' and 'Orb (e)' at the same time, while over 50% ult charge, will reset the cooldown on Orb to 0 at a cost of 50% of her ult charge

  • Melee - Hitting an enemy with will cause them to be pushed back. If both players are on the ground the will be popped up

  • Dash - Healing will resest dash cooldown


  • Dash cooldown 100->140
  • Ult duration 100->50
  • Energy recharge 100->0
  • Energy max 100->20


  • Damage dealt 100->50
  • Damage recieved 100->85
  • Healing recieved 100->35
  • Jump vert 100->75
  • Movement gravity 100->30
  • Movement speed 100->90
  • Projectile speed 100->35


Demo: https://youtu.be/VHGE94xsTVA


  • Primary attack-Speed of missiles can be altered by pressing interact (F by default). missiles have 3 speeds and will do different damages given the speed. the speed/damage ratios are as follows: 1) 1.5x speed/.75x damage 2) 1x/1x 3).25x/1.5x.

  • Melee-On hit Pharah will set a mine on the victim. this mine can be detonated by pressing crouch and will deal 60 damage to all players within 3 units of the mine. It will also stun for .48 secs and knock up the player with the mine attached.

  • Ultimate-Damage is reduced to 15% while ulting. When on the ground, Pharah will surround herself with missiles and accelerate forward. Crouching will cancel her acceleration and her missiles will continue ahead of her. When she is in the air her ult will function as normal.

  • Secondary fire-Flamethrower dealing 2 damage per .016 secs, range of 4 units

  • Added aerial boost-while in the air if Pharah is communicating 'Need Healing'/'Acknowledge' she will recieve a quick boost left/right respectively

  • Movement speed in the air is 1.5x faster

  • Running off of elevated surfaces will put her in a glide state

  • Pressing crouch in the air will lower Pharah's altitude


  • Concussive Blast cooldown 100->50
  • HoverJets max capacity 100->65 recharge rate 100->25


  • Damage dealt 100->50
  • Damage received 100->95
  • Health 100->110
  • Jump vert 100->120
  • Movement gravity 100->90
  • Movement speed 100->90


Demo: https://youtu.be/KJmkO26t9qw


  • Primary Attack-Reaper can switch between to attack bonuses by pressing interact (F by default). the first will heal Reaper for (110 + 20 * ult%) of the damage dealt by his primary attack. the second will increase his attack by (100 + 100 * ult%), but he will take a percentage of the damage dealt as damage to himself. Primary attacks also have a stun that scales by distance, max stun of .3 seconds for point-blank hits.

  • Ult-If in healing form hit enemies will be knocked back and reaper is launched in the air. Ult cancles aftter .25 secs
    If in damage form ult will function as normal with large upfront damage that falls 30% per .016 secs

  • Passive-if Reaper stands still for 5 seconds he will go invisible, but will also take damage at the rate of 5 damage per second. invisibility is cleansed and damage over time stops once Reaper begins to move again.

  • Wraith Form- If in healing form cost 50 health to use. Upon exiting phase reaper will take this damage.
    If in damage form gains a 1.5x speed boost. Exits wraith form and resets speed after .75 secs

  • Shadow Step-if enemy is within 7.5 units of Reaper, Reaper will create a tether to the enemy. if the tether is maintained at the end of 2 seconds the enemy will be stunned for 1 second.


  • Wraith Form cooldown 100->75
  • Ammo size 100->50


  • Damage dealt 100->70
  • Jump vert 100->105
  • Movement gravity 100->85
  • Movement speed 100->95


Demo: https://youtu.be/x-SWBRn4Ru0


  • Movements-Sombra can wall climb up to 2.5 units off the ground. Given another jump after performing this
    -Double tapping crouching will cause Sombra to slide forward

  • Dive kick - If Sombra is in the air and she communicates 'acknowledge' (G by default) she will perform a dive kick in the direction that she is facing. If she hits an enemy while doing this she will deal 25 damage, spin the victim 180 degrees and stun the enemy for .3 secs. She will be in 1.7 seconds hit stun if she misses the attack.

  • Leg Sweep - Pressing melee while crouching while perform a leg sweep that knocks down enemies within a radius of 2 units of Sombra. Cooldown of 2.4 secs.

  • Stun Laser - Pressing interact will fire a laser that bounces off the first surface it comes in contact with. If the laser hits an opponent after it bounces, they will be stunned. The stun length is determined by the length of the laser after the bounce, the longer the length the longer the stun.

  • Passive-deals increased damage to enemies when they are not facing Sombra. enemies facing Sombra will take 25% less damage.

  • Hacking an enemy will also give Sombra a speed boost based off of the enemies base movement speed.

  • Ultimate-sets game in slow motion for 2.25 seconds, Sombra will continue to move at near max speed.


  • Stealth cooldown 100->260 duration 6 seconds
  • Translocator cooldown 100->150
  • Ammo size 100->75


  • Damage dealt 100->90
  • Damage received 100->105
  • Jump vert 100->135
  • Movement speed 100->115


Demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c3NjRdjVjuc&feature=youtu.be


  • Passive-Widowmakers primary fire, movement speed, and grappling hook coooldown scale with missing health. the lower her health the more damage Widowmaker's primary fire (non-scoped) will do (max 1.15x), the faster she moves, and the faster her grappling hook will come off cooldown.

  • Crouching while on the ground will create a copy of Widowmaker at her current location at the cost of half of her current health. the dummy will stay at that location for 5 seconds or if Widowmaker presses crouch again she will teleport to the dummy's location, destroying the dummy and taking its spot.

  • Ultimate-costs 50 health to use. if you have less than 50 health and use her ultimate you will die.

  • Killing an enemy with primary fire will recovery 50 health.

  • If Widowmaker is in the air and she communicates 'acknowledge' (G by default) she will perform a dive kick in the direction that she is facing. if she hits an enemy while doing this she will deal 25 damage and will knock the victim down for 1.5 seconds. she will be in 1.7 seconds hit stun if she misses the attack.

  • Venom Mine-hacks enemy for 1.2 seconds and slows them by .5 for 3 seconds.While Widowmakers Mine is out her melee attack and the last shot of her unscoped primary fire will hack damaged enemies.

  • Grappling Hook-can be canceled with crouch


  • Grappling Hhook cooldown determined by missing health
  • Venom Mine cooldown 100->40
  • Ultimate duration 100->59 also costs 50 health
  • Ammo size 100->60


  • Damage dealt 100->70
  • Jump vert 100->140
  • Movement gravity 100->90
  • Movement speed 100->105



  • Secondary fire-grabs enemies within 3 units of Winston's facing direction and holds them in front of him as long as the secondary fire button is held. if Winston holds secondary fire for 1.75 seconds he will enter a knockdown state and will be unable to act. releasing a held enemy while flicking your mouse will throw the enemy in Winston's facing direction.

  • Ability 2 (E by default)-when on the ground, Winston will hit the ground causing a pillar to erect in front of him. enemies in this area will take 20 damage, get knocked down for 1.25 seconds, and will be pushed into the air. if Winston is in this area he too will be thrust upwards. this move has a 5 second cooldown

  • Leap-if hits an enemy while he is using leap they will get knocked down for 2.5 seconds.

  • If Winston takes damage while he is in the first .26 seconds of communicating 'need healing' and is within 10 units of the attacking enemy he will perform a parry, this will freeze Winston in place momentarily. this will freeze the attacker for 2 seconds, unfreeze Winston, and negate the incoming damage. if Winston is communicating 'need healing' and does not take damage or the enemy is farther than 10 units away Winston will instead remain frozen in place for 2 seconds and will be able to be attacked freely after the initial .26 seconds.


  • Primal rage duration infinite knockback 100->65


  • Damage dealt 100->85
  • Health 100->50
  • Jump vert 100->130
  • Movement gravity 100->140
  • Movement speed 100->105


Demo: https://youtu.be/jxwDDfcqjqI


  • Secondary Fire-Fires an orb. Pressing Left Shift will knock up enemies within 3 units of the orb. Hitting an enemy, that has been knocked up this way, with primary fire will also cause them be knocked back

  • Shine-'F' will stun nearby enemies for 1.5 seconds and do 20 damage

  • 'E' ability has been disabled. Instead pressing 'E' immediately after hitting and enemy will teleport you to their location. Hitting 'E' again, within .5 secs of teleporting to their location, will teleport you back to your original location.

  • Ultimate-Does A.O.E damage which scales based on how close the enemy is to Zenyatta


  • Ammo 100->40


  • Healing received reduced 100->10
  • Damage dealt 100->65
  • Jump vert 100->130
  • Movement speed 100->85


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Update Log (21)


  • Blink now on ability 2, no longer costs ult charge with 7.5sec cooldown This move felt underwhelming as an ultimate, looking to add a replacement ultimate to round out his kit
  • Can no longer Blink while statused


  • Fixed bug where her Pull would latch to closest player instead of target


  • Lowered ult charge rate. Trying to lower charge so that using Fan has to be used more selectively. Previously it was possible to keep charge over 50% after kill.
  • Blind orb on Stun is no longer visible to McCree himself


  • Flamethrower no longer destroys Mine projectile
  • Can no longer detonate Mine while statused


  • Healing form regen changed from 120 flat to (110 + 20 * ult%)
  • Damage bonus from damage form change from 150 to (100 + 100 * ult%)
  • Base damage changed from 70->55
    _This should make healing form better at lower ult% and damage stronger at higher%. trying to make the two forms feel more distinct _

  • Invisibility damage raised from 5->6


  • Added wait 1.5 after Leg Sweep. Previously it was possible to lock opponents in place by repeatedly spaming move
  • Fixed it so Sombra cant perform Leg Sweep while she is statused

One of the major things I wanted to address this patch was the ludicrous knockback launches, so most if not all knockback moves have been adjusted to provide more consistant/predictable knockbacks. This was done by adding a vertical vector to the knockback direction and readjusting impluse speed. Should have been done awhile ago.


  • Punch out of blink Knockback 20->12
  • Punch on airborne enemies 12->7


  • Pressing the interact key (F by default) will now fire a bomb that will deal 50 damage and knock up enemies that are directly hit. Enemies within 3 units but not directly hit will be dealt 25 damage. It has a cooldown of 6.5 seconds. this should give her more tools to help win neutral outside of having to land a crazy whipshot/hook

credit: (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=udbr_LeFzvk&ab_channel=Pug)

  • Ult and hook had their pull vectors adjusted. Enemies should no longer get launched


  • Can now Bhop (Performing a jump immediately as you land will cause you to gain speed, missing the imput will lose your speed) Base movement speed was lowered to account for higher top end speed. Gravity and jump were also adjusted to feel better with new movement. May try to make more changes to his kit to accentuate new movement
  • Jump vertical speed 120->70
  • Movement gravity 120->65
  • Movement speed 115->85

credit: (u/EWSteve XBYXT)


  • Punch knockback had vector adjusted


  • Basic knockback shot now scales by distance. The closer an enemy is the further they will get knocked back.
  • Fire+Knockback shot is changed to be a flat knockback amount


  • Using Flamethrower while an enemy has a Mine on them will no longer destroy the visual effect of the Mine


  • While Widowmakers Mine is out her melee attack and the last shot of her unscoped primary fire will hack damaged enemies. This is unintended, but since im not sure whats causing it and I kind of like it, I've decided to treat it as a feature while I look for a way to balance around this


  • Airborne knockback had impulse formula simplified


  • Removed all Control maps, feel free to re-add them if you like the rules are still active for that game mode

Thanks to anyone still playing this :)

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