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What is it?

You select one of three characters: winston, Lucio, Sombra


  • Lucio competes with the lucio with the Lucio on the opposite team to see whoever can press space faster when prompted. whoever has faster reaction time pulls the rope towards their team.


  • Sombra must press one of three buttons when prompted. if the wrong button is selected sombra gets stunned. by pressing correct buttons the rope is pulled towards your team


  • Winstons spams one button its a trial of speed and stamina

First team to pull the rope gets a point first team to 3 points wins.

Why is it unfinished?

Its playable. I made this for a game jam and never bothered to work out the kinks and it didnt feel worth it cause its most fun with 6 people. I also planned on adding other maps.

Players | 1 - 6
Categories: Team Deathmatch
Heroes: Winston, Sombra, Lúcio
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