Genji Reimagined

This code is over 6 months old. The code may have expired and might no longer function.

This preset includes a modified version of Genji. It is configured to play solely on Hanamura with competitive rules on, and hero limits off, but everything should work fine everywhere else.

Modified Weapon: Dragonblade

60 damage

It's a sword.

Modified Ability: Swift Strike

60 damage, 7 second CD

Now that he's no longer carrying an infinite amount of shuriken, Genji can dash forward repeatedly! This ability has a maximum of 3 charges stored at once. You do not acquire extra charges from eliminations.

Modified Passive: Cyber-Agility

Genji can now cling to a wall mid-climb by using Secondary Fire (RMB / LT). While clinging, Genji is invisible, and can teleport to another area in view by using Primary Fire (LMB / RT). Teleporting in this fashion requires a minimum of 1 Swift Strike charge available, but may consume more or less based on distance.

Try using these abilities to hide from pursuers, flank the enemy team, or pick off their Supports. You can deal damage as a result of this teleport. You cannot teleport higher than where you started.

The wall-cling status is canceled if Genji somehow moves too far from his current cling point, if he's too close to the ground, if he presses the Crouch button, or if he takes damage.

New Ultimate Ability: Fallen Stars Run (流星突撃)

100 damage to all enemies in range, attacks four times, 0.5s between attacks

Genji momentarily achieves greater speed, and he Swift Strikes several times, returning to where he started before each one. Upon completion, you are restored to 3 Swift Strike charges.

Commentary / How to play

This new Genji functions much like a mix between Sombra and Doomfist. Start off each team fight by picking someplace to cling and hide, and wait for the opportunity to engage in duels or attack distracted opponents. You can either use your movement ability to deal massive burst damage to a group, or save your charges for a safe escape.

There are advantages and disadvantages depending on how close you cling to the battle, such as how much Swift Strike charge it may take to engage enemies. If you're really close, you can just jump or crouch to avoid spending any charges at all, or you can use Swift Strike normally to enter battle while damaging enemies in a line.

Each Swift Strike does damage equal to your primary attack, and you can cancel a primary attack with a Swift Strike. It takes 4 of either attack to kill a 200-HP hero, but be warned, each Swift Strike you lose is one that you could have used to cover your escape. Determine how to use your charges based on how many enemies are nearby.

Your ultimate can potentially do 400 damage to every enemy if they're clustered together. This is already good enough to kill every non-tank, as well as Zarya and Sigma, but damage boosting certainly won't hurt.

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