Monkey Sumo! | 🐒

Ok, hear me out.

Imagine, you're a monkey in a troop ( Yeah thats what a pack of gorrila's is called ). You've all found a juicy piece of uh, mango. It's the most massive mango you've ever seen, and you want it. But every other monkey wants to eat the delicious mango too. Well, what do you do?

You fight and whom'ever monkey wins gets to eat the manjo, thats what this gamemode technically is, except there's no mango.

This is just a quick gamemode I put together with my friend.

If you need more info, you jump, punch, swing and uh, bubble? Yuh, whoever gets to 50 kills first wins and gets, nothing. Theres alot more I might add to the gamemode, but for now I feel like it's at a ok stage right now. This is more of a gamemode to play while you're waiting to load into a match, if I have to be honest.

Feel free to change the settings, mess about, add more stuff etc. We honestly made this for fun, hope you enjoy it! Bye!


"No, I do not want a banana." - Winston

Categories: Free for all
Tags: winston sumo
Heroes: Winston
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Current version: 1.0

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