VSH (Versus Saxton Hale)

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For anyone that played Team Fortress 2 and might remember the gamemode VSH/FF2, I've made an adapted VSH Elimination mode for Overwatch, with most of the Hale abilities intact! Now, play as any hero in Overwatch with the same pros and cons as Saxton Hale does! Listed are some of the features that are available as "Saxton Hale" (Boss = Saxton Hale)!

Hale Abilities:

Hale Attack: "I'll buy your team out with my damn bare hands!" No guns for Hale; his PrimaryFire(Mouse 1) is now a deadly Melee attack.

Superjump: Hold SecondaryFire(Mouse 2) or Crouch(Ctrl), then release to charge then jump high into the air.

Weighdown: Press Crouch(Ctrl) while in the air to plummet quickly towards the ground.

Rage: Activate with Ultimate(Q) once ready. Enemy players within the area will become hacked and slowed.
Hale will receive a defense buff and status ailment immunity for a short period.

In addition, there are other particular processes happening in the gamemode:


  • No heals for Hale, but any healing will boost his Defense.
  • Hale's movement is buffed, and it will increase more as his health is depleted.
  • Hale's Rage is indicated by ultimate charge. It will passively charge, in addition to gaining charge from player damage.
  • Hale still has access to most abilities specific to each hero, but they use up your Rage meter. Also, they have ridiculously long cooldowns.
  • Hale can't use secondary fire abilities with Mouse2, but the Reload(R) key is used, alternatively.
  • Health is scaled based on the hero picked and the number of players on the enemy team.


  • 2 Players Remaining: Players still alive will receive a small damage and speed boost.
  • 1 Player Remaining: The last player alive will receive a large damage and speed boost. Both the player and the Hale will have icons on each other to find one another.

Goomba Stomp: Both Hale and Players get to stomp on one another, ensuring heavy damage! A goomba stomp occurs when one player lands on an enemy's head from a certain height.

Other Notes:
This is still pretty buggy. I've gotten enough playtesting to make this playable (I think), but haha it's probably not balanced at all. From this point forward, I'm hoping to get some feedback from other people to help me patch things up or do some balance tweaks. I certainly don't mind if you want to collaborate or fix it up on your own; I have very very little coding experience, and the code's very much unoptimized and buggy.

But, here's the basework, made by me (or my Blizzard account, Fuzzbuzz). I hope to improve this gamemode, possible adding the other Hales' abilities, like Teleport or enabling guns. Who knows, maybe a whole Freak Fortress cast can be made, although I'm pretty sure I saw someone else's code on that.

Cheers, hope you enjoy.

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Heroes: D.va, Orisa, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Sigma, and 27 more...
Maps: Busan, Ilios, Lijiang Tower, Nepal, Oasis, and 7 more...
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